Welcome Team Umbra! Now Recruiting

Through skill, ironclad determination, and maybe a little luck, Team Umbra destroyed Heroic Nighthold, downing 9 out of 10 bosses within the second day of its formation. There were hiccups along the way (I swear parasitic fetter on Botanist was designed to make people rage), and interesting strategies were used (melee doing the ranged mechanics on Elisande), Umbra powered through and established itself this week as a team not to be underestimated.

If you’re interested in joining us, add Timmeehh on Battletag (chilipants#1208) or submit an application.

PS: Why the name Umbra?  Umbra is the darkest part of a shadow, and we’re a late night team, so it seems fitting.

Smexiikitten: Excited to see how far Umbra can push. Welcome & congrats friends.

Seryniti: Gratz Umbra! 9/10H in your first two nights ever is fantastic.

Zate: Most edgy team in the guild with an edgy name like Umbra?!?! Grats on your early success there is more to follow I am sure :)

Tiny Piddle, Green Puddle? – Onslaught Downs Krosus

“No, hot water is hot water” – Chaos’ words of wisdom 2017

Here’s the video of us soaking puddles:

And here’s a clip of how NOT to soak a puddle, provided by Orthe! (I was really just trying to soak the BIG, green puddle below krosus to prevent him from spawning, promise):

hantevirus: Grats O Team!!!

Inri: Great job O! Nice puddle soaking, Zeboot ;)

Smexiikitten: Awesome, great job O team :)

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Zealot Downs Mythic Krosus

Long time no see! We finally broke through the first wall of Nighthold. Despite being such a mechanically simple fight it was surprisingly hard to execute flawlessly until the very end. We are loving the instance so far and really looking forward to wiping on something else for a change! This one’s for Tirion.


Inri: Great job, love the video and the Z team intro (reminds me of Sonic Adventure). Tbh I went and watched almost every Z video after this, haha. Anyway, it was cool seeing a tank POV and the soaky fists mechanic. :)

hantevirus: Grats, Z team! Love the video!

Zate: RIP Tirion I tried to res him but it didn't work (DK joke don't worry)! Also idea for the future a kill shot like this you can only talk in Nerglish. Aaaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

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