Three Pillars

Eternal Kingdom

Eternal Kingdom is a large World of Warcraft multi-guild gaming community based on the Proudmoore realm (Alliance) and the Area-52 realm (Horde). We formed in 2013 with a very clear goal: Make the world a better place! Gaming is what we love to do but it isn’t just pixels and polygons for us. We understand that while playing a videogame we can also create positive change for ourselves and for others. We continue to grow and attract those of a similar mindset, basing our community around a commitment to something we call the three pillars.

The Three Pillars

1. Commitment to Professionalism

Eternal Kingdom does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference, age, disability (physical and mental), gender identity, sexual orientation, genetics, or any other characteristic. Eternal Kingdom also prohibits harassment on any of these bases.

In the Kingdom we keep public discussions areas (guild chat, guild discord, etc..) free from profanity. We want you to fully express yourself, but only after you have put a bit of thought into what you want to say… which involves more than just dropping an F-bomb when you are frustrated. This isn’t a typical guild. We have hundreds of people on at any given time and most are inclined to engage in thoughtful conversations. We have a lot of fun dialogue while keeping a respectful tone. Beyond this we are increasingly looking to obtain partnerships in the gaming community and we need everything we say publicly to reflect positively on ourselves and our partners.

2. Commitment to Progression

Eternal Kingdom is a community that focuses on self improvement. Our emphasis is always on progression, not just in the form of raiding, but also in your willingness to push yourself to improve, not just as a player but as a person. We provide a culture of feedback. This means we do call each other out, to support, not criticize.

We expect progression from all our members, from the app that joined yesterday to our GM. Every conflict, be it a boss encounter or a disagreement with another player, is an opportunity for progression. We are willing to accept new challenges, take risks, and move outside of our comfort zones. We cannot afford to remain stagnant — we continuously fight for a brighter, better future.

3. Commitment to Collaboration

Working with others is at the very heart of a MMO experience.  Our stable network of raid teams offers the community a lot of options.  We all push together to get the most out of our gaming experience while helping each other improve across the guild.   We take collaboration to the next level by expecting our members to interact and work not just with their raid team but also with other raid teams. This requires everyone to embrace a big picture understanding, to trust in the good intentions of others and to demonstrate a willingness to do what is best for the guild, not just what they think is best for themselves or their specific raid team.

Anything worthwhile requires work and effort.  We have chosen to work together overcoming many obstacles in the process to create something unique in the World Of Warcraft community.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and understand that it is only by working together that we can maintain our unique sense of identity and purpose.  We have many more great things ahead of us, but at the heart of everything we achieve is a willingness to collaborate with others to accomplish what none of us could on our own.

Our Community Goals

Professionalism Goal
Expand our brand and playerbase through the professional use of social media (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc…). This also includes partnering with other gaming communities/companies in a professional capacity in order to promote our culture and values.

Collaboration Goal
Establish a long term gaming community where individuals and relationships thrive. A learning community willing to stick with each other through thick and thin while pushing each individual to reach their maximum potential. A community that produces results like a successful business (in relation to our professionalism and progression goals) but does it all in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are working together with family and friends.

Progression Goals (WoW related)
Short Term <2 years: Two top US 100 ranked teams
Mid Term 2-5 years: 4 content clearing teams, 2 top 100 US teams, 1 top 20 US team
Ongoing Non-Raid Specific Focus: Facilitate a myriad of options so that every player at every level can be fully engaged every time they log in!

Our Mission Statement

Eternal Kingdom provides a community where players of all levels can thrive in a positive environment of respect, teamwork and personal growth.