Three Pillars

Eternal Kingdom

Eternal Kingdom is a World of Warcraft multi-guild gaming community that has been slaying digital dragons since 2013. Gaming is what we love to do but it isn’t just pixels and polygons for us. We believe that while playing a video game we can also create positive change for ourselves and for others. We continue to grow and attract those of a similar mindset. We base our community around a commitment to three pillars:

The Three Pillars

Commitment to Respect

The EK community welcomes all types regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or identity, physical or mental disability, beliefs, life choices, gaming experience, etc. We have a zero-tolerance policy for acts of discrimination or harassment including derogatory language/slang, unwanted sexual advances, raging at/belittling guild members, etc. We also ask that you keep controversial topics like religion and politics out of public Discord and WoW channels.

As adults, we understand swearing and innuendos will occur. We want you to have fun, but know your audience. Not everyone is going to want to hear a string of profanity every time you open your mouth. Use your best judgement and if someone says, “Hey, can you not say that, I find it offensive,” just apologize and try not to say it in the future.

Commitment to Progression

Progression is evolving as a player or a person into something greater. As a player, it can be learning new things about your toon or trying out a new toon. It can be learning to PvP, Raid, or Pet Battle. As a person, it can mean learning life skills such as teamwork, communication, or better understanding of another person or group. It can also be picking up a new skill in discord, google docs, or another program being used by the guild. These skills are important as they directly translate into how we handle ourselves in our professional lives, our friendships, and with our partners in life.

Commitment to Collaboration

Collaboration is the marriage of Respect and Progression. It’s working together to reach our goals, whether they are individual and personal goals, or team and community-wide goals. This guild is 100% run by volunteers and by people willing to pass on their knowledge and skills to anyone willing to learn. Every person has something to give and something to gain. The game, and life, is not always easy, but challenges are much more fun with a network of friends and guildmates to support you.

Our Community Goals

Professionalism Goal
Expand our brand and playerbase through the professional use of social media (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc…). This also includes partnering with other gaming communities/companies in a professional capacity in order to promote our culture and values.

Collaboration Goal
Establish a long term gaming community where individuals and relationships thrive. A learning community willing to stick with each other through thick and thin while pushing each individual to reach their maximum potential. A community that produces results like a successful business (in relation to our professionalism and progression goals) but does it all in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are working together with family and friends.

Our Mission Statement

Eternal Kingdom provides a community where players of all levels can thrive in a positive environment of respect, teamwork and personal growth.