[D] Draconic

  • Mythic Progression – 9 hrs/week
  • Wed/Thur/Mon 7pm-10pm PST
    Optional heroic/alts/sales run on Tues
  • Goal: Mythic CE pushing rankings
  • Loot: Loot Council tradeable loot
  • Team Lead – Shock
    Btag – head2john#1697
    Discord – head2john#4572
  • Raid Leader – Spank
    Discord – The Dreamlord#8188
  • Heal/Recruitment Lead – Purp
    Discord – Purp#1013
  • Ranged Lead – Machoo
    Discord – Machoo#4992
  • Melee Lead – Rake
    Discord – Rakenbake#3067
  • Apply here

About You:

We expect minimum 90% attendance,  a well honed sense of personal responsibility, good mechanics, decent throughput, team focused, with good emotional control (no rageaholics, please)   We’re looking for raiders comfortable in a diverse community, with good communication skills and a solid sense of fun, who do their homework for progression.  Oh and elitism is boring.   You should have experience in mythic content, know how to keep up with your class, and when it comes time to preparing for a new boss, “yolo” shouldn’t be part of your plan.

About Us:

Our goal is efficient & fun raiding, with a congenial professional raid environment.   We prefer to raid smart instead of raiding more and we’re committed to the guild’s ethics of collaboration, professionalism and progression.