Trial of Style – Transmog Contest

Eternal Kingdom, it’s the second transmog contest of 2017! This time we’re celebrating the Trial of Style, so show us your most stylish outfits. To enter, head over to the wow-screenshots channel in Discord and post one entry and tag it #TrialofStyle. Only posts tagged with #TrialofStyle will be considered entries. You have until 8/21 to enter. Voting will begin 8/22 and conclude on 8/28. In the case of ties, we will do roll offs from players with the highest number of votes to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


1st Place: Ogre Pinata TCG loot card (donated by Serifos from Sellswords)

2nd Place: 25k (donated by Kryptorchid from Requiem)

3rd Place: Path of Cenarius TCG loot card (donated by Serifos from Sellswords)

Meta Achieve August

Still missing your Legion raid metas? EK has two events for you! 8/16 at 6pm PST (server) Jesseika will be leading an Emerald Nightmare meta achievement run and possibly going into Nighthold if there’s time. 8/26 AT 4pm PST (server) Inri will be leading EK’s first Tomb of Sargeras meta achievement run.

Both runs will be approx. 3 hours long. No sign ups required, just be online and looking in guild chat ~15 mins prior to pull time for an invite. Note that these are not runs for alts, bring your A game and your geared toons so we can get these done as efficiently as possible.


Zate: Awesome work!

misd: A [U ]team screenshot that doesn't make my head spin!

magicmastja: Thanks Nacht for posting this while our lead is trapped on a desert island with a volley ball named Wilson

Taro’s Faceroll Fridays – New Weekly Run!

Every Friday at 8:30 PST (server) Taroboba is opening up his sub/viewer raid to complete N/H ToS, H NH, H ToV, & H EN (time permitting). Subs will get invite priority, but this is still an open run to EK members and it is co-sponsored by Eternal Kingdom & Formality. If this is something you’re interested in attending please contact Taroboba in-game for info!