Eternal Kingdom Community Response Charity Stream-A-Thon This Saturday!

Eternal Kingdom is a World of Warcraft gaming community that has been slaying digital dragons since 2013. Gaming is what we love to do, but it isn’t just pixels and polygons for us. We believe that while playing a game we can also create positive change for ourselves and for others. We strive to maintain a safe and inclusive atmosphere where players of all levels can thrive in surroundings focusing on respect, teamwork, and personal growth. The recent disclosures regarding Blizzard portray an environment that is counter to our culture and our values. We feel that it is important that we respond in a constructive manner. We believe the game belongs to the community, and the community is what makes the game greater than the sum of its parts. While many of us may feel conflicted and uncertain about our roles as players at this time, we still have the opportunity to do good should we choose to. Our 11th charity Stream-a-Thon to benefit RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, is our response. Thank you for your support.

Gravity vs. This Is Fine

Gravity endures wildfire evacuations, COVID-19, rolling blackouts, BSODs, and multiple injuries to regain CE at last! Only a crazy killshot could possibly capture the mayhem of this tier.

Gravity vs. Beta for Azeroth
Blizzard refused to acknowledge a team member present for the kill due to a bug despite multiple tickets. :'( Sorry Winnow!

Gravity vs. Social Distancing Practice on Il’gynoth

Gravity vs. Killshots 2.0

With all the missing/vanishing corpses, Gravity is forced to give anime makeovers to 3 bosses and instantly falls behind in killshot posts.

Trolled by Glow-up Wrathion

One-Shot Tsundere Skitra so Fast that We Forgot to Take a Killshot

We Don’t Remember the Excuse for Maut but Here He Is Angry that His Mom Didn’t Force Him to Get Braces