Gravity vs. Killshots 2.0

With all the missing/vanishing corpses, Gravity is forced to give anime makeovers to 3 bosses and instantly falls behind in killshot posts.

Trolled by Glow-up Wrathion

One-Shot Tsundere Skitra so Fast that We Forgot to Take a Killshot

We Don’t Remember the Excuse for Maut but Here He Is Angry that His Mom Didn’t Force Him to Get Braces

Gravity vs. Ook Ook Melee 2.0

Gravity would like to thank the Academy for blowing the fuse of their heal lead, bribing the other healer’s dog to rip out the ethernet cable, disabling the warrior trial’s internet, (re)herniating the rogue’s lumbar disc, and bricking the resto shaman’s computer (etc. etc.) to help make this rekill happen!