[T] Tenacity

  • Casual Mythic – 4 hours / week
  • Schedule: Weds/Thurs 8:30pm-10:30pm EST
  • Goal: Fast AOTC then casually progress mythic
  • Loot: Need > Greed; no council or drama
  • Lead: Lexika

Who We Are

Tenacity joined Eternal Kingdom halfway through Dragonflight Season 3 but we’ve been raiding together for the last several tiers. We’ve curved every tier we’ve played but never taken a serious crack at Mythic bosses. We’re going to change that shortly and see how far we can get; we’re looking for the last couple DPS to fill the roster and help make that happen!

We mix a chill atmosphere with taking the game slightly seriously. We only raid four hours a week but our goal is to make the most of that limited time — we prepare beforehand, start on time, move fast, reset quickly, have a scheduled break, and rarely bother with ready checks.

Many of us are also addicted to running keys and we’re always looking for more company!

What We Want

We’re looking for players who, like us, want to have fun while making the most of a limited raid time investment. Specifically that means we expect everyone to:

  • Maintain a positive attitude even when we’re wiping repeatedly.
  • Manage reasonable throughput even while dealing with mechanics.
  • Not die constantly to the same mechanics; learn from mistakes.
  • Gear their character partially outside the raid; we’ll help run keys!

Does this sound like what you want in a raid group? Apply now!