Mercenary Program

Mercenary Program

Team Lead
– Recruiting new Team Lead



Mercenaries are the current tier mythic raiders that cannot commit to a structured raiding schedule. Maybe you can commit 3-4 hours on various nights. Maybe you would like to use that time to join up with an established raid team that needs an additional body. As a backup Mythic raider, Mercenaries are a great group of people for Team Leads to pull from when they need someone for a night.

You must meet these minimum requirements to be considered for the Mercenary Rank within Eternal Kingdom:

  • Current tier Heroic Experience
  • Appropriate parses in Heroic and/or Mythic content in previous tier (can be waived)
  • 4-pc tier bonus and other “usual gear” for that tier

Mercenaries will meet these weekly expectations:

  • Pug current raid content either on your own or with teams on their farm nights
  • M+ – each week do the highest key possible for yourself to unlock at minimum ONE item from the Great Vault. Four and eight runs are certainly better

In addition to these minimum requirements, all Mercenaries will meet these expectations:

  • All Mercenaries must come prepared to raid: They need to have flasks/food/runes/pots, enchants/gems.
  • All Mercenaries must be familiar with Mythic fights and the strategies needed to kill the boss.
  • All Mercenaries must adhere to loot rules set by Team Lead for that team.