Mercenary Program

Mercenary Program

Team Lead



Mercenaries are the current tier mythic raiders that cannot commit to a structured raiding schedule. Maybe you can commit 3-4 hours on various nights. Maybe you would like to use that time to join up with an established raid team that needs an additional body. As a backup Mythic raider, Mercenaries are a great group of people for Team Leads to pull from when they need someone for a night.

You must meet these minimum requirements to be considered for the Mercenary Rank within Eternal Kingdom:

  • Minimum ilvl 945
  • Artifact level at least 75
  • Minimum Heroic 11/11 Experience
  • Average of blue parses

In addition to these minimum requirements, all Mercenaries will meet these expectations:

  • All Mercenaries must come prepared to raid: They need to have flasks/food/runes/pots, enchants/gems.
  • All Mercenaries must be familiar with Mythic fights and the strats needed to kill the boss.
  • All Mercenaries must be willing to help with ANY Mythic team that needs help, per availability.