One night Mythic progression; 4 hours a week
Wednesday 7:00 – 11:00 pm PT
Goal: Efficient AOTC, Mythic progression with 3+ bosses

Quartz is a one-night raid team dedicated to efficiently achieving AOTC and then progressing as far as we can into Mythic. Our ambition is to make it about halfway through Mythic; let’s see just how far a one-night team can get!

We value a balance between progression and maintaining a positive, enjoyable raid atmosphere. We encourage restraint and patience, especially during challenging moments, to preserve a supportive environment. It’s crucial that team members exhibit compassion and empathy, as we do not tolerate toxic or combative behavior.

We respect each other’s time by coming well-prepared, both in terms of our characters and our understanding of the encounters. Expectations for our raiders include contributing effectively in terms of damage/healing output, mastering mechanics, and aligning with our team culture. Given our limited raiding schedule, we hold raiders accountable for analyzing and improving their own performance, with some time spent each week outside of raid acquiring and upgrading gear.

We have an 80% attendance requirement—we understand that life can be unpredictable and we will try our best to be accommodating, however excellent communication around absences is required.

Required Addons:

  • EK XFaction
  • DBM or BigWigs
  • Method Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras