Paradigm’s vision is to be a place where players can perform well, develop mastery of their class and accomplish Cutting Edge raid content while fostering soft skills like quality communication, resiliency, and effective performance in out-of-raid content such as high M+ to help drive players forward at the highest difficulty setting in the game.
Expectations are always clearly communicated and explained so that everyone has buy-in and feels like a part of the team, and that the team is always pushing forward. 

We don’t condone toxic behavior, and we believe that folks can perform on this team for as long as they enjoy themselves and are adequately fulfilling their role. We also accept that our best may choose to move on. When players move on to either start their own team, or into HoF groups, we will celebrate that fact. 

After all, masters should always be challenging themselves. In our framework, progress is the new Paradigm and how we push EK forward and support the next generation of Champions on Azeroth.

Mythic Progression – 3 days / 9 hrs per week | Goal: Cutting Edge
Cross-Faction Raiding team
Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 5PM-8PM PST (8PM-11PM EST)
Loot System: Loot Council
Team Lead: Athiee  Athiee#1576      athiee

  • 90% Attendance with adequate notice of absences
  • Enjoy giving and receiving actionable feedback and continuous improvement
  • A desire to develop mastery through optimal gearing in and out-of-raid content
  • Can perform and be comfortable in a diverse and inclusive community

The ideal candidate will have: 

  • A stable understanding of tools like Warcraftlogs, WipeFest, and Subcreation to analyze and plan their performance. 
  • An interest in their class’ guiding figures such as popular Twitch streamers, theorycrafting on sites like Icy Veins, and class/spec discords.
  • A willingness to speak up when you see a way for the team to be more effective and a focus on engaging your peers and team officers in good faith.
  • A positive approach to the game and their peers who can enjoy a good meme or joke. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you.
  • A fun and focused team built around performance at the highest difficulty in the game
  • Effective team planning and communication with “buy in” from all raiders on team direction
  • Commitment to efficient progression and an agile approach to team strategy to ensure progress
  • Team-based M+ and other out-of-raid activities to promote raid prep and a sense of community