Learning a New Raid

About the author: Jazzy plays a monk on Immortal as one of their Main Tanks.  He has been playing WoW since vanilla, but started raiding during Dragon Soul in the Cataclysm expansion as a mage.  Outside of raiding, Jazzy enjoys questing, alts, and professions. Outside of the game, Jazzy can usually be found playing D&D or making awesome spreadsheets.

With Eternal Palace just over the horizon, raid teams are finalizing their plans on exactly how to tackle this new content.  Here are a few pointers for raiders who are going into this raid and want to get through it as soon as possible. (more…)

Gravity vs. Ook Ook Melee 2.0

Gravity would like to thank the Academy for blowing the fuse of their heal lead, bribing the other healer’s dog to rip out the ethernet cable, disabling the warrior trial’s internet, (re)herniating the rogue’s lumbar disc, and bricking the resto shaman’s computer (etc. etc.) to help make this rekill happen!