This one goes out to all those raiders who have gotten one shot, fell off a bridge or just plain forgot your gear that day! <3

Really big thanks goes out to Krypt for making all of our awesome videos!  This one is definitely a reminder that when the bosses get tough, something will always happen to lighten the mood!

hantevirus: hahah! this was great! I love the humor and camaraderie of the team!

Zate: This is awesome my favorite is people going off the edge on Gul'dan its hard to be mad when you are laughing so hard :)

The Emerald Dream Team – Nighthold

Thanks everyone who came out today! This has been a dream of mine for several years and it would not have been possible if not for the Eternal Kingdom community. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and blown away by the support I received for this event. See y’all in Tomb! -Inri, Community Coordinator

“Weird how this ‘green carpet’ keeps following us~”

Tichondrius Festered and Died Thanks to Imperium!

For this kill we have to thank Nover for his help for this kill.  A shout out goes to Gltch and Allaloni who put in a lot of the work and didn’t get to be part of the kill shot.  We met our goal for this instance and we hope to clear Mythic in full during Tomb of Sargeras!  Imperium has only begun!


Nover: Kill Vid:

Leayha: Wohooooooooooooo

Inri’s Emerald Dream Team – All Druid Nighthold Clear!

Eternal Kingdom, it’s been talked about all tier and it’s finally time…
for an ALL DRUID Nighthold clear!

The first run is scheduled for Saturday June 17th at 6pm server.
Please sign up here on the forums! Alts welcome–only requirement is you MUST be a druid!

We will do normal or heroic dependent upon sign ups. This is a FUN RUN!
Let’s finish off T19 as the best class in game.

Inri: Only the best class! ;)

Inri: There's still time! I doubt this will be the last one we do, you should try to come next time! :D

Leayha: It's a master class raid!

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“She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Fountain When She Comes” – Imperium Downs Spellblade Aluriel!

This kill was full of laughs from start to finish.  Tonya Harding kept spinning through melee, punting people through walls, pulling trash a mile away.  We had chats about purple pillows found in unmentionables and a Myst who is now Exalted with <The Floor>.

Zate: Sounds like you are having more than a reasonable amount of fun!

Leayha: LoL, Glitch, your big DH body is hiding me!!

hantevirus: wow congratulations Imperium!!! Tonya Harding -- the bane of melee!