Eternal Kingdom Stands Together

Eternal Kingdom Guild Photo 2022The Eternal Kingdom community celebrates the end of Shadowlands with an all-guild photo. It was not an easy trek through the anima-starved terrain, but emerging battered and battle-scarred from the final chapters of Shadowlands we are stronger than ever and our 15 raiding and social teams stand together, looking forward to continuing our journey and growth in the Dragon Isles.

Eternal Kingdom is Ready for Dragonflight Launch!

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Eternal Kingdom has been hard at work preparing for Dragonflight so that the community will stay strong and continue to grow.

Some highlights:

    • We are now able to provide a true cross-faction experience to members of both factions with the EK XFaction addon developed by an EK community member to merge guild chat across EK Alliance and EK Horde.
    • We took a hard look at our services and began to automate/streamline to make it easier for us to maintain important information, e.g., webhooks, stickynotes, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets.
    • We know we have a huge talent pool in our community and officers, so we’re trying to be better about asking for help because many hands make light work and it takes a village (or a kingdom) to keep the train going through the ups and downs of Blizzard.
    • We studied what has shifted and changed in terms of inclusive practices to incorporate accessibility standards into our communications (e.g., alt text, flyer design) and enable opt-in pronouns.
    • We have taken a closer look at our guild financials (did we mention spreadsheets?) to make sure we will be able to support all of our teams as major profession changes loom.
    • We run a community survey every year to identify challenges and areas for improvement. The 2021 survey findings provided us a lot of momentum for change, and we look forward to continuing our progress after the 2022 survey goes out.

If you have more questions, you are welcome to ask us in our #application-questions channel!
Note: If you have questions about a team merger, please message Lillii#8446 in Discord.

Kismet Celebrates the End of Tier in STYLE!!

Kimet SoFo Rewind        (Watch Me!!)

Your day will not be complete until you watch this video.

Big Thank you to all of my team and team leads for a great tier.  Special thanks to Umbura for raid leading.  Extra Special thanks to Swoopz/Smalls for all of our kill videos, including the Kismet SoFo Rewind linked here, for our two new mascots who graced all of our kill shots and are featured in this video, and for the awesome team portrait.


End of a Tier, Moving on to Fated

C-Team saw the end of yet another tier. With a roster boss bolstered to the extreme, a team lead swap, and leadership swaps…the team stuck together to finish strong while having fun.
New Team Lead – Petdetective   New Melee Lead – Zelguis  New Range Lead – Bacon

With the end of the tier, came the End of Tier Superlatives that the team does. Some returning winners from previous tiers and some new crowns being bestowed. Each winner of the category gets  a discord rank that they will hold until the end of Season 4.

Best Dressed Navs

Melee MVP Zelguis

Range MVP Slappypants

Tank MVP Rey

Leadership MVP Petdetective

Team MVP Petdetective

Most Likely To Accidently Pull Petdetective

Rookie of Tier Slappypants

Most Likely To Die In A Fight Rellyn aka Token Dead Guy

Most Likely To Be Running Keys Qiron and Rey

Most Likely To Say Something Inappropriate Bacon aka Mr. Inappropriate

Most Likely To Cuss Petdetective aka Team Potty Mouth

Most Likely To Be Out Of Gold Qiron aka Mr. Bankruptcy

Most Likely To Have The Most Gold Petdetective aka Money Bags


C-Team and its leaders would like to thank the Guild Leadership and the Guild for providing us the opportunity to raid and play in the unique environment that Eternal Kingdom offers.

Raider Expectations

About the author: Jazzy is the Ambassador of Empire and Royal Emissary for Banking.  He has been raiding consistently since Dragon Soul in Cataclysm always pushing the hardest content available.  When not raiding, Jazzy will likely be working on a new spreadsheet project or making yet another D&D character that most definitely will be Gnome.

General purpose of this document

My name is Jazzy.  I am one of the Main Tanks for Empire.  I have been raiding consistently since the end of Cataclysm and in that time I have found one of the greatest issues facing a raid team is the difference in expectations between those running the raid team and the rest of the team.  This difference can be a great source of friction within a team.  (more…)