Team Lead     – Zosima
Ambassador  – Lorionna
Templar         – Maceventura


  • Heroic AOTC / Meta Achievements
  • Schedule: Sun 9-12pm Eastern
  • Loot: Personal, roll off excess gear
  • Team Lead: Zosima
    • BNET: Zosima#1727
    • Discord: Zosima

Required Addons:

  • Xfaction chat addon
  • DBM
  • Weak Auras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools (possibly also Angry Assignments)

Our Past:

Acheron is a group of raiders reaching back to Ulduar in Wrath. Many of us raided together since Black Temple and earlier. We have raided 25-player Heroic, 10-player Heroic when that was top tier, Mythic, Casual, Converted into a training team to teach new raiders, always clearing content and meta drakes and at times grabbing server first kills.

Our Present:

We are a group of raiders who have retired from heavy hours but still want to see content and play the game together. Raiding only 3 hours a week we believe that raid time should be fun but focused. We want to have time in the week for other aspects of the game as well as playing other games together and with other friends from those games. The relationships we build are paramount. It’s important to us how well we all get along and while we may get frustrated in raid we don’t let it carry over past the portal. With our raiders being mostly retired Mythic level raiders we expect each other to research and learn their own classes while being active and sharing with the rest of the team. Preparation and communication is vital. Don’t forget to have fun!

Acheron May Be a Good Fit for You if:

  • We are recruiting at the time. Open Recruiting is not expected to occur often. Most likely we’ll get to know folks in game and if we feel like someone is a fit and we know they are looking to step back from progression raiding we’ll start discussions. Friends, family, and fellow guildie recommendations are also a path and will carry a lot of weight.
  • You want to play with new and old friends on a very limited raid schedule.
  • You want the freedom to focus on other games or activities within WoW between tiers.
  • You will laugh at Dad level puns and appreciate Pg-13+ humor (this is not an excuse for harmful or abusive comments), even directed at yourself, and can give as good as you get.