Quick Information

  • Semi-Hardcore One night progression, (Primarily Heroic); 3 hours a week.
  • Wednesday 7:00-10:00pm PT
  • Goal: Heroic content clear, possibly mythic progression
  • Loot: Personal, subject to change based on progression.

Required Addons:

  • XFaction
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • Method Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras

Expectations: Good (70% or better) attendance and no unnotified absences. We don’t really care what reasons you have for not attending (no judgment, you do you), but as a 1 night team we really need to know if someone won’t be able to attend. Preferably at least 2 days before but any notification is better than none. We expect solid grasps on the mechanics of every fight, less so expecting you to know every fight before we see it, more we expect you to improve upon mistakes. We expect you to perform at an acceptable level (numbers wise) and always strive to improve your performance, we’d rather have someone parsing 50 who’s improving every week over someone who’s parsing 70 and refuses to try to improve.

The team is chill and forgiving as we all want to work together to improve, get bosses down, and have fun. This is a good environment for people who want to raid more (on alts) or raiders whose schedule disallows them from raiding 2-3 nights a week. While not the best place for a brand new raider however if one has the drive to improve and work with the raid to down bosses there couldn’t be a better place.

In short, we value drive to improve over anything else.

A Word From Leadership

This team was made out of an empty space in our guild’s schedule, there wasn’t any strict purpose going into it. That’s a good thing though, this team is what we make of it, it’s ours. Let’s make it the best we can.

As much as we’re striving for improvement, we don’t want unsolicited advice from non-leaders, more often than not, if someone is working in line with this team’s goals they will already be seeking help or aware of any problems. That being said, one should also feel free to ask anyone they want for advice and should expect judgment free help or responses.

Like was stated above: this team is what we make of it, let’s make it great!