[D] Destiny

Team Leadership:

  • Lead: Eranthe (eranthe#1382)
  • Ambassador: Twopunchump
  • Recuiter: Morwen (james#12323)
  • Healer Lead: Deyma
  • Melee Lead: Kriner
  • Caster Lead: Samemarktwo

Quick Information

  • Mythic Progression – 8hrs/week
  • Fri/Sat 6:00pm-10pm PST, Optional Farm Sun 6-9pm PST
  • Invites half hour before raid
  • Goal: Cutting Edge in every BFA tier

Required Addons

  • BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras
  • Greenwall
  • Personal Loot Helper (Recommended)


  • 90%+ raid attendance. Ample post-out notice on the team Discord except in emergencies.
  • Complete gemming/enchanting/etc.
  • Use of appropriate raid consumables (pre-pots, vantus runes, augment runes). Flasks/feasts are provided.
  • Attendance at Sunday farm, or completion of farm via pugs.
  • Weekly completion of a max-level mythic plus key (10 or 15, as appropriate for the mythic plus season).
  • Maintenance of an effective user interface for your role.
  • Access to Gamon’s Braid is highly recommended.

This team looks for consistent players who want to progress at a solid pace through Mythic content, while clearing it without having to sacrifice as much time in their personal life worrying about ranking. We ask that you are respectful of the team leadership’s need to decide who sits for each encounter.

A Word From Eranthe

Destiny is a mythic raiding team with a relaxed, fun atmosphere that’s balanced with a strong drive to push through content at a good pace. As a community, we try to avoid “call out culture” and shaming people, but we do accept that the needs of progression mean that we all must be accountable for our performance. Log analysis and discussion with our class leads is very important to maintaining our ability to push forward, and applicants with a good background in log reading are always appreciated.

Our team is pro-diversity, and we recruit and encourage people of all backgrounds to our team. We do not tolerate “isms”, and raiders seeking a team where the use of “trollish” language and crass insults is acceptable would best be served looking elsewhere. Our team raid chat is an adult environment and has some very colorful profanity, but we avoid the use of racial/gendered/phobic language while swearing at the bosses.

We generally avoid the recruitment of alts looking for a “side piece” to complement their “serious” mythic team that raids on Tuesdays. Destiny is a serious raid team, and we expect everyone to raid on a character that they are proud to call their main. Exceptions are made on occasion for exceptional applicants, if their main is also within Eternal Kingdom and all parties are fully informed and in agreement.

If all of that sounds good to you, Destiny would love to consider your application to our family. Please apply!

~ Eranthe