Charity Stream-A-Thon

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Charity Stream-A-Thon

12 Hours of Mythic Plus Streaming to benefit the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Join us by registering your key at:, or donate by visiting: All donations are eligible to win prizes, $10+ donations are eligible to win a Secretlabs Horde Chair! Event takes place Saturday, July 10th from 10am-10pm PST (1pm-1am EST). We hope to see you there!

2020 Boss Slain

2020 has been one hit after another after another, and I know we’ve all felt the pressures of not knowing how we’re going to work, to eat, to live. Being in this community and having friends to help support us through our toughest trials has been a huge relief to many. Thank you for your compassion and understanding to your fellow guildies throughout this whole ordeal, and thank you to our events team for helping distract us from all the crazy happenings we’ve had to deal with this year.

A final thank you to those who’ve encouraged me to finish this creative writing project. I’ve never attempted anything like this before but I hope you all get some comedic enjoyment out of it. And thank you to Werio for helping me with this screenshot. Happy 2021, everyone!


Introducing: Prometheus (Training)

Prometheus is a new HORDE training team on AREA 52. They will be providing a  calm and casual learning environment for new or returning players looking to learn how to raid, or to get reacquainted with raiding. They plan to start by teaching mythic plus dungeons and the importance of mechanics and interrupts/CC. Those skills coupled with researching bosses/strategies, reading logs, and finding class/spec information will be the building blocks of their raid training as they progress through normal, and eventually, heroic raiding. 

Prometheus’s main goal in Shadowlands is to teach players to hone their skills as a raider and a dungeoneer so they can graduate to a heroic or mythic team. Their secondary goal is to achieve AotC.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Khaeli (Discord: Khaeli#9460 / Btag:Khaeli#11319). Prometheus raids Sunday 3:00-6:00 PM EST on AREA 52.

Introducing: Olympus (Training)

Olympus is a new raid training team for shadowlands. It is designed for players with limited or no raid experience, or returning players looking to get back into the raiding scene. They will be progressing through normal and heroic content while focusing on teaching general raid knowledge, character tips, and more, in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Olympus’s goals in Shadowlands are to get AotC every tier, and to help players who wish to tackle harder content transition onto a more progressed Eternal Kingdom team.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Coupins (Discord: Coupins#3230 / Btag: Memory#1673), Bone (Discord: Bone#3550 / Btag: SgtPepper#12697), or Bixir (Discord: BXR#8028 / Btag: BxR#1883). Olympus raids on Saturday 7:00-9:00 PM PST.

Introducing: Legacy (Mythic)

Legacy is a new mythic team for Shadowlands. They hope to have fun and build their own unique community while also pushing as far as they can go, raising the bar with each new difficulty and achievement. 

Their goals going into Shadowlands aren’t specifically defined because with this team, the sky’s the limit! Their plan is to build a strong foundation for the team to build upon. They will be gearing mains and alts through heroic and then move to mythic progression. From there they will be looking to progress further and faster each tier.

“It’s always been a dream to raid with the best people in the world. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” – Epi, Team Lead

If you are interested in learning more about this team have questions about joining, contact Epipens (Discord: Acidreign(Epipens)#8402  / Btag: Injectacid#1440). Legacy raids Mon/Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm PST.

Introducing: Acheron (Heroic)


Acheron is a new heroic team made of veteran raiders who’ve become close friends over the years. They know what it takes to play top tier content, but no longer wish to participate in the grind and the time commitment required to play at that level. 

Their goals going into Shadowlands are to achieve AotC and the meta achievement at a fairly quick pace so they can enjoy casually farming transmog, playing alts, and taking a break between tiers to play other games.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Zosima (Discord: Zosima#0211 / Btag: Zosima#1727). Acheron raids Sunday 6:00-9:00 PM PST.


Introducing: Chivalry (Mythic)

Chivalry is a new mythic team that formed just prior to the Shadowlands. They raided heroic and mythic content the last few months of Ny’alotha and into prepatch, killing bosses (AotC, 3/12M) and creating a team synergy. They plan to have a fun and instructive raid environment, push mythic plus, offer a PvP night, and have fun with other games such as Among Us or Jackbox.

Chivalry’s goals going into Shadowlands are to complete AotC within the first month of each tier and to clear as much mythic content as they can, ideally half the bosses. They also want to help each raider on the team to become better versions of themselves.

Team Motto: Suck Less, Do Better

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Demonicchaos (Discord: supermanjared#11594  / Btag: supermanjared#8106). Chivalry raids Wed/Fri/Mon 6pm-9pm PST.

Introducing: Dauntless (Mythic)

Dauntless is a new mythic team for Shadowlands. They started raiding during the last few months of Ny’alotha, completing AotC & 4/12M before the prepatch. They want to be a serious raid team but also have a chill environment. They already have a team meme about their raid lead and interrupting.

Dauntless’s goals going into Shadowlands are to continue building their team and to achieve Mythic Cutting Edge as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Threatful (Discord: Zus#8654 / Btag: Zus#1796). Dauntless raids Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm PST.

Dauntless would also like to thank Snow and Silhouette for helping the team get started.

Team Highlight: Fate


Fate is a HORDE Mythic team on AREA 52 that formed up in mid Ny’alotha. It started when a few members of the heroic team, Reckoning, wanted to do mythic progression. From there, they grew their team by pugging and heavily recruiting. Near the end of the tier, they welcomed a guild merger to round off the roster. Their first week as a full team they cleared five mythic bosses and nearly a sixth.


BFA – Ny’alotha 12/12H, 5/12M

Mythic Hivemind – Ziro missed 1 PULL and they killed it.


Team Highlight: Reckoning


Reckoning is a heroic team in the Eternal Kingdom HORDE guild on AREA 52. Some of the horde members decided they wanted to build a team capable of achieving Heroic AotC, so in Ny’alotha, they began pulling in PUGs and built a stable roster of players they wanted to casually progress and have fun with.


BFA – Ny’alotha 12/12H

Reckoning Kills Heroic N’zoth (AotC)


Team Highlight: Empire


Empire is a mythic team that debuted in Ny’alotha. Their first tier, they were able to build a Mythic Cutting Edge team that finished US Top 200. With all that extra time, they were able to farm mounts for their team.


BFANy’alotha 12/12M

Tier Video & Blooper Reel (Bloopers NSFW): Mythic Cutting Edge N’Zoth (US 198)