onslaught team 

[O] Onslaught

Team Lead – Nyesia

Quick Information

  • Mythic Progression – 9hrs/week
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs 5pm-8pm PST
  • Goal: US 200
  • Loot: Council

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • RC Loot Council
  • Exorsus Raid tools
  • Weak Auras
  • Greenwall
  • BestInSlot


Onslaughts Team Goals for Battle for Azeroth

Onslaughts Goal for BFA will be to aim for US 200. Team leadership will monitor team members performance to ensure that the team is maintaining this performance to achieve this goal. Expectations of each team member, trial, or officer will be the same. There will be no special preference to any team member. Issues that arise from this will be addressed by team leadership.

Team Member Expectations

With this goal it is the responsibility of each team member to come prepared to raid. Guides, dungeon journal, and videos are all good resources to use for this. Having a basic understanding of the bosses abilities or mechanics of the fights is the minimum knowledge required. Everything we require our raiders to review before stepping into a raid will be pinned in the kikstrats channel. Weakauras, videos, addons. Know your class and what spec to use on each fight (single target or aoe, cleave, etc.) Is your class capable of cheesing certain mechanics? Self-accountability and learning from mistakes whether your own or others is required.

Team members are required to maintain at least 80% raid attendance. Team members attendance will be monitored on the Attendance Spreadsheet. Raid Group will be formed by team leadership 30 minutes prior to raid. Team members are required to be in the raid group prior to 10 minutes til raid start. After this time you will be marked late. Should any commitments prevent you from attending raid a post in the attendance forum in discord is mandatory. This allows leadership to make any adjustments. This will be marked on the attendance spreadsheet and not hurt your overall attendance. Any unposted absences will impact your attendance. Posted absences prior to raid is acceptable, any posts after raid team starts to form is considered late. Situations do happen to all of us, as these situations arise make use of the attendance tab in discord to inform team leadership of any situation that arises. If any type of schedule conflicts arise that may be continuous, inform team leadership as we will work with you on these matters.

Team members are required to have all gear gemmed and enchanted, and any consumables needed pots (mana, health, and dps), and food other than feasts. All Raid team consumables i.e. Cauldrons, Feasts, Codexes, Gems, and Enchants will be provided to the team by donations from team members or team bank funds. BoE’s dropped during raid belong to the team and will be handed over to the raid lead/team lead to be rolled on or sold on AH for team funding.

Team Size

O Team will maintain a roster size around 25, this allows for all circumstances seen and unforeseen, while not hindering the raid team progression or performance. Team will consist of 2 Tanks + 1 dps with tank off spec, 4 Healers + 1 swing healer, and mixed complement of melee and ranged dps weighted towards ranged.

Team Environment

O Teams raid environment falls in line with the guild’s pillars of professionalism and as such a non-toxic raid atmosphere is maintained. To help me maintain this my team has a swear jar during raid hours while team members are streaming. You never know who is watching our streams and part of streaming is promoting the guild and its environment. If a swear word is said over discord while raiding that team member owes the team 5K gold. This goes to the team bank and is used to fund consumables for the team. I know some people may not have a lot of gold and this could deter people from joining my team. Instead of changing this rule,I would rather do sell runs or M+ carries to earn gold for team members if that is an issue.

A Word From Nyesia

Onslaught team’s current goals are to clear mythic while it is current content and to achieve cutting edge. Onslaught team is dedicated to improving each teir. Our team is all about helping the team and the individual to progress their confidence and ability. With that aspect, team members are expected to pull their weight. If a raider is unable to perform at our level, then we may find them a place within the guild that fits their personal skill level. I do not care about your parse, I measure the team by the team’s execution rank as this reflects how well we did as a team. There is no I in “Onslaught” but there is “Laugh” and we like to laugh and have fun. You may see this around #onsLAUGHt.

While we may joke around just prior to a pull, we get serious once the encounter has been engaged. As I tell my team, each boss is a dance that each player needs to learn the steps. Once the steps are learned, the boss will die. If a player is having trouble with a mechanic, the team is more than willing to help out. Should a player have a question about a mechanic or a strategy on a boss, a whisper to a team lead or the forums are the appropriate action from the player. In addition, the team runs twitch streams from different perspectives, which during this time raiders are expected to use Safe for Work language in Discord.

The team leadership will always be honest with you and expects the same respect in return. Drama will not be tolerated, as well as, dishonesty. This is a game and meant to be fun. While we do not expect you to be perfect, putting forth your best effort is what is expected. Onslaught team’s main goal is to clear current content while having fun.