That Spellblade Wasn’t Ready Yet – Onslaught Downs Mythic Spellblade Aluriel

“The frost brains are going out” – Arth’s words of wisdom 2017

7/10M, onto starboy! (video unfortunately got muted due to copyright on one of the songs)

chikyo: congrats you guys!!! <3

Zeboot: every once in a while (and only if I pay enough), I get to be carried as feral (but only because the cat form is so beautiful) :P

Steine: wow zeboot i didnt know you played feral too!

That Weed Was Whack, Yo! – Onslaught Downs Mythic Botanist

“Thanks for laying me” – Chaos’ words of wisdom 2017

Our gardening can be viewed here (I might’ve forgotten my glasses, woops):

(I promise this was my worst pull in terms of mechanics / healing performance, please don’t lynch me other resto druids)

Smexiikitten: Awesome!!! Great job guys :D

Inri: Hands down one of the coolest kill shots EK's had. Love the effect :)

Steine: we have my lovely water elemental there to water our garden :D

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