Quick Information

  • Team Lead – Kalimends 
  • Raid Lead – Whitelist
  • Days: Tues/Wed 5:30-8:00 PST and Sun 5:30-7:00 PST
  • Loot: Personal, with some Council aspects

Our Mission Statement
Team Wraith will progress further in fewer pulls.

About Us

We have finally chosen to seek our first Cutting Edge. Our team’s history has always been competitive in performance, yet casual in terms of the amount of time spent raiding each week. We will always come out of the gate hot for AOTC, landing it as quickly as possible pre-nerfs. Our approach to mythic is methodical and meant for skillful execution. It’s important that we have fun, but that we get the job done and do not waste each other’s time while on this journey together. To execute our goals, we prioritize watching the race for world first, taking in various streamers’ advice, deep research, a preference for meta, and extensive log review prior to and following boss encounters.

Raiding FAQ – Required Reading


Shadowlands Tier 1: Castle Nathria

When we reformed for Shadowlands, our goal was to treat Castle Nathria as a training tier, with CE projected in tier 2 or 3. We entered with the majority of the team returning from our casual mythic days, alongside some friends who were raiding in retail for the first time ever. Our guidance combined with our team’s talent and personal initiative have landed us well ahead of our expectations for the first tier.

Fresh Blood

Now poised to claim our 8th Mythic kill, that’s where you come in. Have you spent all tier working hard? Are you familiar with Mythic mechanics, your class, and are geared to the teeth? Is the only thing between you and Cutting Edge the right environment?

Do you have what it takes? Then this is the only application link you need.