We have a blog!

The Eternal Kingdom community is a thriving, robust group of people who have a lot to say, about a lot of topics. We want to share that with the world!

This blog won’t be successful without the contributions of our members. So here are some topics you might want to blog about, in no particular order:

  • Why this guild is the right fit for you
  • Class tips
  • Pet battle strategies
  • Other games
  • The last convention you went to
  • Raid strategies (but only if your team lead is okay with you sharing!)
  • Gaming culture
  • Tips about upcoming bosses
  • Upcoming patches
  • Hidden achievements
  • Warcraft logs
  • Profession leveling – how to get the most out of your mats
  • WoW based recipes
  • The most random thing you’ve done in wow and why was it cool?
  • Any other topic related to the guild or to wow or relevant to our community that you are passionate about.


Submit your articles to Bel (Discord Tag: Belisyma#5171)

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