We Are Prepared!

We are prepared

New Raid Team Announcements

First off I want to say good luck to all of our current raid teams which are chomping at the bit and ready to charge!

The guild is healthy and strong but as we charge into glorious battle we want to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind. Our current raid teams are bolstering very full rosters which forced us to close recruitment before the expansion launched. I am pleased to announce we are opening recruitment again and will be forming THREE new mythic raid teams each with a specific time and purpose.


Wardens – Fri/Sat/Sun 7-11 (PST)

This new weekend raid team will have a more hard core focus than our existing weekend teams. This team has veteran leaders with the focus and drive to take this team to ~top 100US. If this sounds like the right team for you please contact Stilken – Chael#1951


Eidolon – Tue/Wed/Thu 6-9 (PST)

Our second east coast raid team will complement our other east coast team as we look to build the robust, supportive raiding structure like we have established for west coast raiders. The focus of this team will be on clearing content with a 9 hour raid week. If this sound like the right team for you please contact Gravity – iamgravity#1457

Ronin Team

Ronin – Tue/Wed/Thu 7-11 (PST)

This team will round out our more east coast friendly raid teams. It will start out raiding with Militia (Tue/Wed/Thu 9-12) as we bulk out the roster and find the right people to get going. This team is going to be our “catch all” raid team that aims to pick up those high quality raiders who were not able to squeeze onto existing raid teams. So while this team might not start as strong out of the gate make no mistake about it this will be a serious raid team pushing progression hard. The team goal is to get as close to top 100US as possible by the end of the expansion. If this sounds like the right team for you please contact Dryzte#1274

Final Notes

We have created a very robust and stable raid structure for our our west coast raiders. We are now working hard to clone that structure for our weekend and east coast raiders we invite you to join us in that endeavor.

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