• Mythic Team
  • Schedule: Fri/Sun 6:00-9:00PM PST 
  • Goal: Mythic Progression
  • Loot: In-game System
  • Team Lead: Quinn
    • quinn has no username#9087

Required Addons:

  • XFaction (this addon allows merged guildchat for A/H EK members)
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • Weak Auras
  • Method Raid Tools


About Us:

As a new team venturing into Mythic with hopes of CE by the end of Dragonflight, I want to have realistic expectations of what we can do as a new team. Our goal is to be efficient and effective with our time since we only have 2 raid days. Every decision made I want to be thought of as a “Team first” attitude.

We expect taking responsibility of mistakes, and knowing mechanics ahead of a raid tier so we can act efficiently with our 2 days. Experience with mythic is a must. Keeping up with your class is going to be very important in Dragonflight. We want to be able to still have fun but killing bosses is our first priority behind helping each other when it comes to off-raid days as M+ is going to be very important for any lacking gear. Lastly, and should go without saying, we want this team to be a safe and diverse space for anyone to feel comfortable.