[W] Wanderers

Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Personal and Team Improvement – 3 hours/week
  • Saturday 9pm-12am EST or 6pm-9pm PST (Area 52 is EST)
  • Goal – Heroic Clears every Tier
  • Loot: Personal

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • Weak Auras2 – strongly suggested but not required

Wanderers Team Goal and Expectations:
Raider Expectations: Addons updated before raid, fully gemmed and enchanted, food and flasks (while some of this might be provided, make sure to have extra for yourself if needed).

Team Expectations: AoTC achievement each tier – once geared and comfortable with Heroic progress then dip into mythic, however progression beyond heroic and obtaining AoTC achievement for each tier will not be stressed or pushed hard for.

Main purpose: is to give EK and its members a more structured day and time for learning and advancement in a raid setting on the Horde side should they so wish it. While this team is not a true learning team such as Titan (please read Titan’s info if this confuses you), both the Team Lead and Raid Lead are members of Titan and look to create much of the same environment. What this means for members of Wanderers is that if you are struggling, let us know what is going on! We are here to help or find someone that can.

Word from Leadership:
This team is being founded on the belief that we are all adults. So with that expectation we are working on a team comp that allows us to be adults and for life to happen. With that being said when it does we do expect you as a team member to let us know so we can either find someone to fill your spot for the night or the long term.

As a team we expect us all, including leadership to work to progress and get better at whatever class we play. If you are struggling, let us know. We are here to help. Other than that, the team is meant to be low stress, low drama, fun and laid back, yet with movement toward team goals.

If this sounds like a fun night to you then please apply and let’s kill stuff together!