[W] Wanderers

Team Lead
Liriäna / Jesseika
Raid Lead
Ranged Lead
Melee Lead / Recruiter

Quick Information

Goal: AOTC / Training and Development

Raid Times

Sat 8 pm –12am EST
Sun 8pm – 11pm EST


Attendance:  Wanderers does not have a firm attendance policy as heroic raiding has a flexible raid scaling. Remember that improvement is a factor of time involved, the more time dedicated the greater the improvement. All raiders are expected to make Leadership aware of any absences as far in as advance as possible. Members who have repeated absences with out notification will be dropped from the team.

Loot: Personal

Contact: Liriana (CaptMac336#1302), Jesseika (Jesseika#11484), or DJ (Boombox#11282)

Required Addons:

Weak Auras
Exorsus Raid Tools
Angry Assignments
Discord (and a functioning headset/microphone)

Trial Process/Expectations:

Wanderers is a training and development team with Eternal Kingdom on Area 52. Our team goals are to achieve Ahead of the Curve in each tier and to help players develop as a raider in a positive environment. The trial period is to determine the players commitment to improving and as a fit within Eternal Kingdom’s culture.

Performance Expectations:

Members of Wanderers are encouraged to show up ahead of raid start time by at minimum 15 minutes with full raid supplies available that we would need during the raid i.e. flasks, potions, enchants, vantus runes, etc. While Eternal Kingdom’s bank program will supply consumables and mats most of the time you are still accountable for your own character.

Mechanics and Role Execution are a critical part of making the step to mythic raiding. Wanderers leadership will supply resources for team members to learn the mechanics for current content as well as resources that can be used for new content. Success for the raider needs a commitment outside of the raid. Learning you class and spec, raid mechanics and improving the itemization of their gear through Mythic Keystones, open raids, and research needs time outside of raid