Quick Information

  • Progression Goal: Late Mythic Progression, working towards CE
  • Raid Times: Fri/Sat 6:00pm-9:00pm PST
  • Loot: Personal

Contact Information

  • Team Lead – MagerChill
    • Discord: MagerChill[A]#9995
    • Bnet: Awizard#1689
  • Recruiting Officer – Flynurse
    • Discord: Fly#0145

Required Addons:

  • Greenwall
  • DBM
  • Weak Auras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools

Team Overview

Valiant is a relaxed and friendly raiding environment committed to working together to progress through current heroic content. Valiant is a dedicated and constructive team for those who are either looking to progress beyond normal difficulty or those who are experienced raiders looking for a heroic and early/mid mythic weekend team.

Team Expectations

  • Attendance:
    • 80%+ Attendance is expected. We ask that any known absences or late arrivals be noted in the discord channel with as much notice as possible so that the team leads can plan accordingly to fill any vacancy.
  • Preparation:
    • All raid members are expected to come prepared to raids with consumables (flasks, potions, food, and most importantly a yummy beverage to sip in between pulls.)
    • All raid members should research and be familiar with the fights before hand and come prepared with knowledge of what mechanics to expect in the fights and also what is expected of their class/specialization.
    • The minimum weekly requirement for character progression. Outlined in the Discord announcement’s channel.
  • Know your class:
    • Raid members should know their class, its abilities, best talents for the encounters, and be cognizant of how best to use any utility they bring to the raid.
    • Raid members should always be striving to improve and learn from mistakes and make this the best raid it can be.
  • And most importantly… Have fun!