Trial Teams

[M] Militia

Militia Team Lead Zate
Team Lead – Zate

Quick Information

  • Mythic Trial: 6hrs a week
  • Tue/Sat 9pm-12:00pm PST
  • Goal: Kill as much as we can every week
  • Loot: Personal
  • Contact: Zate#1319

Expectations: The basic premise is if you want a spot on a Mythic team then you need to play well enough in this raid to make that happen for yourself! Alts and non-raiders that are friends helping out may come on a regular basis but the goal of this raid is to kill as much as possible every week. This isn’t a “care bear” or casual run this is a run for serious mythic raiders looking to get through the door. You are expected to show up prepared and give 100% while you are raiding.This team is a trial team and as such there are no attendance requirements but if you have filled any sort of crucial role in weeks past a heads up if you can’t make it would be greatly appreciated. When you are trialing for EK it isn’t just how well you play everything counts including your ability to work well with others and be cooperative. This team requires a lot of flexibility so please keep that in mind.

Friday Fun Run

Quick Information

  • Normal Run: 3-4hrs a week
  • Friday 6pm-? (whenever we are done)
  • Goal: Have fun and clear content
  • Loot: Personal
  • Contact: Amberhawk#1846

Expectations: The Friday Fun Run aims to live up to its namesake. On Friday we Run for Fun. It is always our intention to clear through the normal raid content. To that end we start at 6pm Server time. We try to be as open as possible to allow people to bring alts or new toons. The raid team is generally built upon a combination of highly experienced raiders volunteering to help get through the raid, and new raiders coming sometimes for their first ever clear. Because of this unique team structure this is a great opportunity to learn the content in a safe environment and meet people who can answer questions about your class or boss fight strategies. So if you’re free and looking for some fun on a Friday night, come tag along!

Saturday Fun Times Run

Quick Information

  • Time: 9:00AM til ~12:00PM
  • Goal: A laid back raid to gear alts and farm legendaries
  • Loot: Personal
  • Contact: Thodas#1510

Expectations: The Saturday morning Fun Times run is all about enjoying an early morning, laid back raid environment. We run content to help gear alts, farm legendaries, and play with our friends. We focus on raiding with guild members and their friends. Typically Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare are taken down in about 3 hours with a 15 minute break in between. This may change and evolve as new content is released. However, running the entry content will be our primary focus to get raiders into their first set of raid gear.