Titan team

[T] Titan
Team Lead
– Yukiarashi

Quick Information
Development – 6hrs/week
Sunday/Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm PST
Goal: Heroic Clears
Loot: Personal
-Angry Assignments
-75% or better attendance. The more regularly you attend, the better you will become.
-Be in the raid group fully prepared at least 10 minutes before the official start time. This
allows for the first pull to be right at raid start.
-Your position on Titan is your priority. Loot locks should be saved for Titan and running
with another team should be approved by raid leader beforehand.
-Real Life is a thing but if you have to be gone ​more than a month,​ upon your return,
you will need to catch up with things like gear/azerite before returning to the team on a full
term basis. This will be laid out by the team lead and a more limited schedule will be worked
out until the base requirements are met.
-Fully enchanted and gemmed with current mats. Have enough personal potions and
consumables on your person to last the whole raid night.
-All members are expected to have a basic knowledge of all mechanics for all fights
BEFORE​ going into the fight. Members will also need to understand the team strats beyond
just their role.
-If you are coming into Titan near the middle of a tier, there are streamers available to
watch to get familiar with the strats and mechanics.
-Emphasis will always be put on a player’s ability to avoid raid mechanics and adapt over
doing more damage.
-All raiders need to use discord with a working mic during raid. You will also need to
understand how to use the posting features in discord for team communication and
messages. This is the main method for communication between leaders and raiders, and
needs to be checked regularly.
-Mythic + completion of a lvl 5 key or higher is expected every week.
Tools for Improvement​:
Team leaders will be available to help you use the following tools to improve yourself as a
raider and track your progress. Team leaders are ALWAYS available for questions and
should be utilized.
-Wow analyzer: ​https://wowanalyzer.com/
-Warcraftlogs: ​https://www.warcraftlogs.com/
-Raidbot (Sim): ​https://www.raidbots.com/
-Icyveins: ​https://www.icy-veins.com/
-Wowhead: ​https://www.wwowhead.com/