Team Expectations

Team Expectations

Written by Zate | Last updated 1/29/18


Other than the Three Pillars we also have a few requirements for each of the ROSTERED teams within Eternal Kingdom. We strive to give each team as much autonomy as possible but also want to ensure we can all see what is going on within the community.


1) Required – Must do things for each team in order to facilitate open communication, communal support, and transparency.

2) Requested – These are things that ensure you receive all guild benefits.

3) Encouraged  – These are great things to help teams maintain a high standard but are optional.


Keep in mind team leads are encouraged to delegate any of these tasks to a member of their team should they choose to do so.


1) Required
1a) During a team’s official raid times, the team will raid on the EK Discord.

Why is this required?  Communication is one of the biggest and most important aspects of keeping this community healthy.  Discord is how we communicate. If we make announcements or share information it needs to be seen by everyone.  We need a central hub. If we made this optional resulting in some/most teams all raiding on their own discord, key information might be missed and the community would suffer.  For this reason raiding on the community Discord during officially posted raid times is required.

Caveats.  If at any time Discord experiences stability issues then teams can move to their own discord with no questions asked.  There may be other extenuating circumstance where teams will raid on a TEMPORARY basis on another discord, this is completely acceptable.  

The expectation – Under normal circumstances every raid team in Eternal Kingdom will host their official raids on our Discord server.

1b) All teams upload official team raid logs to the guild warcraft logs page.

Why is this required?  This is how teams in the guild represent not just for themselves but for the entire community.  There are rankings that we as a community work to achieve together. We want people who are looking at our community to clearly see we are who we say we are. When we claim “we have more raiding teams than any other guild in the world” we want to back that up with fact.  This is one of the many ways we all support each other.

Caveats.  At any time if a team is pushing a progression ranks or feels their logs are time sensitive they are welcome to keep them private. If they feel they are being poached or there is some other reason to “hide” logs on a TEMPORARY basis, this is completely acceptable.   

The expectation – Under normal circumstances all teams post their team logs in a professional manner following the requested naming conventions “team name (required) – other comment/s (optional)”.


2) Requested

Have an official team streamer/s* during posted raid times.

Why is this requested?  A lot of people watch our raids and want to know what our community and what your team is all about.  We want to promote our community in ways that highlight how each team has a unique flavor but still has a community standard, streaming is likely the best way to do accomplish this goal.

Caveats.  At at any time if a team is needing to raid in a more discreet manner they are welcome to turn off streams.  There could be a number of reasons a team stops streaming on a TEMPORARY basis, this is completely acceptable.

*please note official team streams are subject to our streaming expectations

The expectation – if a team would like to receive guild bank benefits then under normal circumstances they need to have one or more raiders streaming their official team raids.


3) Encouraged

Team emblem/logo/coat of arms

Kills shots posted to front page (these are reposted by our media team on all our guild media platforms)

Representative present during 50% of all guild meetings


Other “common sense” expectations

This is a catch all just stating there are a lot of guild expectations in regards to the three pillars, recruitment, guild interactions that are not explicitly stated in this post.  Our goal is to “MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.” We should all have a vested interest in making this place thrive which requires us to be visible and show our support in meaningful ways.  No one is forced to be here — this is a video game, we do this because it is enjoyable. We want to keep things enjoyable and we are open to feedback. With that stated we want to continue our strong tradition of being a world changing community.  We feel that these are reasonable expectations to ask a team that is raiding within our community.

Final Disclaimer: Our list of expectations may change over time.  We are always willing to listen, always looking for feedback, we want to innovate, grow, improve and that means we need your input.  We work hard to do what is best for the community and from time to time that requires change.