Team Swap Policy

Team Swap Policy


1) You can not get around this procedure: If you quit for any reason at any time you are required to wait 1 month before applying to another team.

2) Your team lead (Royal Emissary) or 2nd in command (Ambassador) should be the first people you talk to about team swapping: If you talk to anyone else (other than a GM or Chancellor) A) you are breaking one of the main team swap rules and B) you are very likely going to open yourself, your team, this guild up to drama that no one wants.

3) The process takes 1-3 weeks AFTER you have informed your team leadership: The time starts when you CLEARLY inform your Royal Emissary (RE) or Ambassador (AB) of your desire to team swap. I would encourage you to do this very respectfully and in writing. If there are extenuating circumstances, serious conflicts, or you feel that things are not being handled correctly you may bring team swap requests/details to any GM or Chancellor.

4) You are assuming all risk associated with becoming a trial raider: You are going from full member to trial you are not guaranteed either a successful trial or a spot back on the team if your trial should fail.

5) There is a one raider per month cool down timer on members swapping teams: Two members could change at the same time but then it starts a 2 month cooldown. Any exception to this rule requires the involvement of a Chancellor/GM. This is basically to prevent a group of people from leaving and gutting a team. Player mobility is a goal but a greater goal is team stability. Please keep this in mind.


This is a very sensitive issue if you don’t talk to your RE/AB first (or GM/Chancellor if warranted) it can cause discouragement/confusion on your team, lead to serious friction between your team and other teams, lead to confusion among leadership etc… don’t allow this to happen.

Discussing team swaps with your RE/AB as a way to threaten, complain, or vent frustration is going to backfire. Don’t do this to your RE/AB… and DEFINITELY don’t do this with other people. If you have concerns be an adult and bring those concerns to your leadership in a constructive way. If you leverage “I am leaving if I don’t get what I want” what the other person is going to hear is “I am only in this for myself” and they probably won’t be too eager to work with you afterwards. (pro tip this is how it works in life to)

Pushing for a team team swap in the middle of a tough progression encounter is seen as “bad taste” and if you do it to one team you will probably be perceived as a person who will do it to any team. It is recommended you do not ask for swap when it could be perceived you are asking because you are “tired of wiping”.

There are many ways to explore your options in the community without opening yourself up to drama. Teams recruitment needs are posted on the frontpage of website, teams frequently broadcast their needs in discord, teams have recruitment threads etc…

We don’t poach! No other team is going to come looking for you. If someone does contact you about joining another team 1) inform them you are already on a team. 2) if that does not get them to fully stop the conversation please bring it to the attention a GM or Chancellor immediately.

I understand sometimes you don’t know what you want and may just need someone to help you work through the options. Please just talk to your RE/AB about what is going on and do this before talking to others (even close friends). When rumors start to circulate they are often destructive to the process. (do you sense a repeating theme here?)

This entire process is all about trust. It takes a long time to build and establish trust and only a short time to destroy it. Please conduct yourself in a way that you will keep your options open in the future.

Final note: We fully understand that you are here by CHOICE and we need you to keep logging in if we want to be successful in both our long and short term goals. Please be patient though and understand you are not the only person we are trying to accommodate. Please work with us as we work with you to make sure logging into this game continues to be something you enjoy.

The first part was our “How” this is our “Why”. Below is our reasoning for team swaps and team swap procedures.

Back when I was looking for a guild I felt very conflicted. What I value most in the game are relationships. I wanted to join a long term active and fun gaming community so I could develop meaningful long lasting relationships. Gear comes and goes but I also still wanted to raid at the highest level I could wherever I was at in life, it’s a game I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest and I like progression. I knew in the next 10 years there were tons of changes in store for me. Sometimes I would be able to raid 1 or 2 times a week and not play that much…. Other times I would be able to play maybe 4 or 5 times a week. If I wanted to maintain a LONG TERM community while raiding at different levels to meet CURRENT needs. I came to the realization that I would have to either a) change guilds every few years as my availability desire to play changed or b) stay in a guild but likely not see the progression I wanted. I knew a lot of people were in similar situations to me. So I did the only thing that seemed logical I started a guild so that I and others could have the best of both worlds! A guild that had a lot of options for people to play the game they why they needed in the moment regardless of life changes without having to sacrifice the community and friends they had made.

I have had many people say we shouldn’t let people swap teams because it causes drama (and it surely does) but I want everyone to understand this is the hallmark of what we are all about. This is what makes us different. We put aside short term goals of a raid team to ensure long term community health by accommodating people through changing circumstances. This requires us to allow team swaps and working together to transition people when things change for them whether it is a desire to play less, play for more progression, or just a needed change the scenery.

The goal of team swaps and guild mobility is to ensure the long term health of the community by helping people transition as their needs change but in a way that minimizes the negative impact these changes often bring.


1) If you want more progression you can move to another team and push yourself to your limits without leaving behind your guild and your friends.

2) You can change teams because of a schedule change (work or otherwise) so you don’t need to transfer servers and uproot yourself in game to account for life changes.

3) Teams are more stable because if done correctly leadership will have time to make needed adjustment rather than just have people leave the guild/team without notice.

4) Recruitment is easier because people who leave teams are much less likely to cut ties. This leads to better networking and a positive relationship with former raiders. Former raiders now on other teams are likely willing to offer temporary help when needed, recruit for previous teams via word of mouth, and in other ways support the team even though they are no longer on that team.

5) It encourages team leads to collaborate. It is in leaderships long term best interest to work together rather than poach from each other.


1) You are still leaving a team. The situation as to why you leave may vary but inevitably some people will feel betrayed at some level and still take it personal.

2) Teams still have to fill your spot but 1-3 weeks may not be enough. Team swaps will still hurt team stability, progression, and moral in many situations.

3) All of the drawback of having a raider quit a guild to join another guild could be listed here…. The idea is that if we do it right then the negative impact of this will be felt to a far less degree.