Team Swap Policy

Team Swap Policy


Benefits of mobility:

EK offers a lot of variety. Schedule changes (like work or school) and altered progression goals don’t need to result in cutting ties and leaving the guild and your friends behind. This helps all of our teams retain players and recruit new ones through positive relationships and networking between teams and members of leadership. Players are also more likely to help out in a leadership, mercenary, or recruitment capacity (even recommending a team they no longer raid for) if they remain in guild.

Drawbacks of mobility:

Leaving a team can be emotional and cause a lot of drama between players and leadership. Former teammates may feel angry or betrayed even if that was not your intent. It can also put your former team into a pickle as they try to scramble to fill your raid spot. This can cost the team stability, progression, and morale.

The goal of this policy is to ensure the long-term health of the community by helping people transition as their needs change, but in a way that minimizes the negative impact these changes often bring.

WE DO NOT POACH! If another team tries to recruit you, tell them you are already on a team. If that doesn’t stop the conversation regarding recruitment immediately, inform a GM or Chancellor.

To deter players from trying to circumvent the swap process, if you quit your team for any reason at any time, you are required to wait 1 month before applying to another team.

Swap Process:

Step 1) Contact the Recruitment Chancellor – LiiLii (Discord: Lillii#8446)

This person will answer any questions regarding the swap procedure and help you review your options. Talking to them does not mean you are required to swap and all information is kept in confidence unless it requires GM attention.

The Recruitment Chancellor will also follow-up with all parties (current team lead, potential new team lead, recruitment team, and the player) to make sure the entire process goes smoothly. If mediation is requested, they are available to meet with you and members of leadership to discuss the swap.

Step 2) Contact your Team Lead (RE) or Assistant Team Lead (AB) to CLEARLY request the swap.

I would encourage you to do this very respectfully and in writing. PLEASE DO NOT start talking to other teams or asking questions regarding roster needs or expectations early. If you don’t talk to your RE/AB before speaking to others (including friends), it can lead to rumors, confusion, and serious friction.


  • People generally know if a schedule change might be coming soon or if they are feeling like they want to explore other teams. Be honest and don’t wait until the last minute. (See step 4)
  • Discussing team swaps as a way to threaten, complain, or vent frustration is going to backfire.
  • Pushing for a team swap because you are “tired of wiping” is seen as “bad taste” and if you do it to one team, you will probably be perceived as a person who will do it to any team.

This entire process is all about trust. It takes a long time to build and establish trust and only a short time to destroy it. Please conduct yourself in a way that you will keep your options open in the future.

Step 3) Contact the leadership of the team you wish to trial on.

Prospective new team leads are not able to speak with you regarding a swap until they have been informed by the collaboration chancellor that you have completed steps 1 & 2. 

Asking to swap to another team does not guarantee a trial. If you are accepted, you are assuming all risk associated with becoming a trial raider. You are not guaranteed a permanent raid spot, or a spot on your former team if your trial should fail. In reality, the moment you tell your current team lead you wish to trial elsewhere, they will be looking to recruit your replacement. If your trial is rejected for any reason, you can discuss further options with the collaboration chancellor.

Ways to explore your options in the community:

  • Recruitment needs are posted on the EK website and the discord.
  •  Streams can help you get an idea of a team’s overall atmosphere while in raid.

If you’re not sure where to swap and need someone to help you work through the options, the collaboration chancellor is available to assist you with that too.

Step 4) Agree on a trial date with BOTH the existing and new team leadership.

Discuss the needs of both teams and agree to a date. The swap process can take up to 3 weeks AFTER you have clearly informed your team leadership of your desire to team swap. If the tier is ending soon or your new team is sitting trials to finish end progression, you may wish to stay on your current team longer than 3 weeks. Everyone must be on the same page to avoid any confusion. If there are extenuating circumstances, serious conflicts, etc., seek mediation from the collaboration chancellor.

Expectations of the Raider:

The team needs time to replace you, especially if the roster is tight or you play a pivotal role. You should continue attending and performing at your best with a good attitude. Failure to do so might not leave a good impression for your new team and could cost you the trial.

Expectations of the Team:

Your current team should not request to keep you any longer than is necessary. They are not required to bring you in for progression or award loot, however sitting a player for 3 weeks as a way to drag out the swap process is not acceptable.

There is a one raider per month cool down timer on members swapping teams (or two raiders together with a 2-month timer). Exception to this rule is at the discretion of a Chancellor/GM only. This is to prevent a group of people from leaving and gutting a team. Player mobility is a goal but a greater goal is team stability. Please keep this in mind.

We fully understand that you are here by CHOICE and we need you to keep logging in if we want to be successful in both our long-term and short-term goals. Please be patient though and understand you are not the only person we are trying to accommodate. Please work with us as we work with you to make sure you can continue to enjoy slaying internet dragons.


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