Team Highlight: Quarion


Quarion started raiding at the beginning of Ny’alotha as an early 2-night mythic progression team. They spent the tier creating an atmosphere of positive, fun people that are dedicated to working together to reach their goals. In Shadowlands, they are adding a 3rd day to really push their progression forward.


BFA – Ny’alotha 6/12M

Mythic Xanesh Kill

Mythic Shad’har Kill

More Than Just Progression

Quarion spends a lot of time outside of the raid together doing Mythic Plus. They enjoy pushing keys as high as they can, and some participate in doing viewer carries for team streamers. They also formed a carry team for the Eternal Kingdom Charity Stream-a-thon and plan to continue this tradition for future charity events.

They’ve completed the meta achievement and have been farming mythic Jaina mounts for their team. They also created a bingo card littered with hilarious memories to commemorate their first tier together. 


Team safeword and bingo space by Yuki (EK member and friend of the team)

Quarion members also participate in team workshops to help each other improve. One of their players took the time to create these two helpful guides.

Mythic Hivemind Kill

Quarion’s goal for Shadowlands is to steadily progress and achieve Mythic Cutting Edge by the end of the expansion, while remaining a supportive, fun, drama free team.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Fyrpixie (Discord: Fyrpixie#6101 / Btag: Fyrpixie#1477) or Trini (Discord: Trinime#1913 / BTag: Triniem#1407). Quarion raids Wed/Thur/Mon 5:00-8:00 PM PST.


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