Team Highlight: Gravity


Gravity joined the Eternal Kingdom family as a guild merger during the Battle of Dazal’alor (BoD) raid tier. Their former server <Medivh> had seen a decline in raider population, and they hoped to find a new home where they could thrive and make a return to Mythic Cutting Edge. 

The road is not an easy one and there were many setbacks along the way to rebuilding. The team speaks of a “Gravity curse” due to sudden technical issues and real life complications that plague the team at the most inconvenient of times. But the team has pressed on and accomplished their goal of earning Cutting Edge by killing Mythic N’Zoth.


BFA –   Battle of Dazal’alor   4/9 M

             Eternal Palace   6/8 M 

             Ny’alotha 12/12M

Cutting Edge N’Zoth – Ny’alotha during COVID-19 and wildfire evacuations

More Than Just Progression

Gravity is a serious mythic team, but they also have quite the sense of humor. On their team page of the EK Website, they showcase a number of comical pictures and links including  BINGO cards and a Holiday Shopping List filled with unique references associated with the team.  A few favorites include: (some links NSFW)

Their kill shots are also loaded with all kinds of inside jokes and memes.

Trial player Frito “Hot Dog” comes up with winning Vexiona strat

Gravity’s TL draws the missing N’zoth Corpse for their AOTC kill shot.

RL (gnome spriest) gets trampled every pull during Stand Alone because no one can see him.

Gravity is pretty comfortable enjoying a laugh while killing bosses as can be seen by these final clips (NSFW)

Gravity’s goal for Shadowlands is to maintain Cutting Edge while achieving US 500 and continuing to invest in team members and have fun playing together.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining,  contact Rysanagi (Discord: Rysal#1985 / Btag:Rysal#1525) or Bicc (Discord: Bicc#3898 / Btag: Bic#11211). Gravity raids T/W/Th 5:30-8:30 PM PST.


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