Team Highlight: Fate


Fate is a HORDE Mythic team on AREA 52 that formed up in mid Ny’alotha. It started when a few members of the heroic team, Reckoning, wanted to do mythic progression. From there, they grew their team by pugging and heavily recruiting. Near the end of the tier, they welcomed a guild merger to round off the roster. Their first week as a full team they cleared five mythic bosses and nearly a sixth.


BFA – Ny’alotha 12/12H, 5/12M

Mythic Hivemind – Ziro missed 1 PULL and they killed it.

More Than Just Progression
Fate joins the rest of the Horde guild in fun runs, farming events, meta achieves, and jaina mount farming.

Mythic Horde Jaina Farm

They also put forth a team for the EK mythic plus charity stream-a-thon and participate in the horde mythic plus night, including runs for the KSM achievement.

Some of their players also get together with the team or with the guild to play Among Us.

On Fate, the murdering of teammates is more rampant than ever. Prime opportunities to kill the team lead (or each other) are everywhere and this team knows how to exploit them. As if the elevator boss and Maut’s Stygian Annihilation cast weren’t bad enough, a well timed lifegrip is sure to spice things up.

“I paid 75$ CAD to boost a priest to level 120 to life grip Khaeli off of the boat on Jaina. Was totally worth it, best 75$ ever spent!” ~ Naraka

But when it comes to progression, this team knows when they need to get serious and get things done. Though there was that one time someone left a boss fight at 2% to answer the doorbell. The team still laughs about it and will never let them live it down.

A few members posing with their Glory of the Uldir Raider mounts

Fate’s goal going into Shadowlands is to progress mythic as far as they can go.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Khaeli (Discord: Khaeli#9460 / Btag:Khaeli#11319). Fate raids Tue/Thur 9:00-12:00 AM EST on AREA 52.

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