Team Highlight: Empire


Empire is a mythic team that debuted in Ny’alotha. Their first tier, they were able to build a Mythic Cutting Edge team that finished US Top 200. With all that extra time, they were able to farm mounts for their team.


BFANy’alotha 12/12M

Tier Video & Blooper Reel (Bloopers NSFW): Mythic Cutting Edge N’Zoth (US 198)


More Than Just Progression

Members of Empire are often jokingly referred to as “chimps” by their raid leader when things go awry. This has prompted the team to unofficially adopt the motto: “Apes together strong,” a quote from The Planet of the Apes. 

Monkeying Around – Bloopers 2.0 (NSFW)

They do a lot of raid carry sales for their team, and have given free mythic carries to the guild banking team to use as contest prizes. They also had a carry team for the mythic plus charity stream-a-thon.


Mythic N’zoth Mount Farm

Members of Empire are very social outside of raid too. They enjoy hanging out in discord watching movies, tv shows, and sports, specifically NFL football. They play a number of other games together between tiers including League of Legends, Among Us, and Phantasmophobia. 

Game Clips (NSFW)

Empire – AotC

Empire’s goal going into Shadowlands is to be a Mythic Hall of Fame team.

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Team Lead: Palpatine (Discord: Mark#9033 / Btag: CPJazzMan#1875) or Raid Lead: Swolf (Discord: Wolf#2071 / BTag: Wolv#1177). Empire raids Tue/Wed/Thur/Mon 7:30-10:30 PM PST.



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