[R] Reforged

Team Lead
Raid Lead

Quick Information:

Goal: Mythic Progression

Raid Times: Tues / Wed 9 pm-12 am

Attendance:  Reforged holds its raiders to an attendance of 80% or greater.  This is to ensure that we can rely on our raiders to be there, and progression can happen. All raiders are expected to make Leadership aware of any absences as far in advance as possible. Members who have repeated absences without notification will be dropped from the team.  During your trial, you are expected to maintain a 100% attendance rate for 90 days. If you fail to keep the attendance, your trial will come to an end.

Loot: Personal, subject to change based on progression!

Contact: Fyrpixie (Discord: Fyrpixie#6101) or Triniam (Discord: Triniem#1913)

Required Addons:

Weak Auras
Exorsus Raid Tools
Angry Assignments
Discord (and a functioning headset/microphone)

Trial Process/Expectations:

Reforged is a Mythic Progression team with Eternal Kingdom on Area 52 (Horde). Our team goals are to push into mythic progression while doing so in a positive and fun environment while still taking the steps needed to make sure progression is happening. We expect our raiders to have a firm knowledge of each boss fight, and the mechanics that come with it. We want to see that every raider is doing what they can to improve their character outside of the raid as well! The trial period of one month is to determine the players commitment to the team, improvement of your character, as well as getting along within Eternal Kingdom’s culture.

Performance Expectations:

Members of Reforged are required to show up ahead of raid start time by at minimum 15 minutes with full raid supplies available that we would need during the raid (i.e. potions, vantus runes, health potions, and pots, etc.). We expect all of our raiders and trials to have all gems and enchants that are best for your character. While we wish to promote a fun raiding environment, we strive to progress in the content as quickly as we can!

Mechanics and Role Execution are a critical part of progression. We expect all our raiders to have studied each fight before seeing it, so that we may progress at a nice pace. Success for the raider, and the team, needs a commitment outside of the raid.

With that said, I expect all raiders to run at least one mythic + that is a 10 or higher for completion every single week.  If you fail to do so, you will be sat for the following raid week. You are also expected to make consistent progress on the level of your necklace.  Failure to make consistent progress will result with you being sat for the following raid week, until progress is made. This means, that if Tuesday comes along, and you haven’t made any progress on your neck, then you will be sat for Tuesdays raid.  However, if you use the raid time to work on your neck, and made progress on it before Wednesday, you will be able to come into raid.