Meta Achieve August

Still missing your Legion raid metas? EK has two events for you! 8/16 at 6pm PST (server) Jesseika will be leading an Emerald Nightmare meta achievement run and possibly going into Nighthold if there’s time. 8/26 AT 4pm PST (server) Inri will be leading EK’s first Tomb of Sargeras meta achievement run.

Both runs will be approx. 3 hours long. No sign ups required, just be online and looking in guild chat ~15 mins prior to pull time for an invite. Note that these are not runs for alts, bring your A game and your geared toons so we can get these done as efficiently as possible.

Taro's Faceroll Fridays - New Weekly Run!

Every Friday at 8:30 PST (server) Taroboba is opening up his sub/viewer raid to complete N/H ToS, H NH, H ToV, & H EN (time permitting). Subs will get invite priority, but this is still an open run to EK members and it is co-sponsored by Eternal Kingdom & Formality. If this is something you’re interested in attending please contact Taroboba in-game for info!