Requiem Squares Up Spellblade

Inri: Replaced my VOD w Kryptorchid's (his is way better), but here's a resto POV for anyone interested (more like a frantic dance than anything)

Smexiikitten: haha, LOVE this shot! grats frens

The Cake Was A Lie! – Imperium Downs Trilliax!

We “booped him on the snoots” – Raethar

Zen: The original idea was goldfish but we couldn't see anyone. So to save time, dropping the Christmas box was the fastest thing we could do that kept a theme.

Zate: Grats on the kill but Christmas in April? Whats with the winter apparel and the over sized gnome?! I feel like there is a joke I am missing.

Leayha: Hahaha, we did boop his snoot!