Eternal Kingdom Timewalks – Black Temple Cleared!

Eternal Kingdom, we did it!

Thank you everyone for coming out, it was great hearing all the stories and riding the nostalgia train. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Sorry we killed you Illidan, I think we’re supposed to be friends now in the present day? Anyway, happy birthday Gutted! -Inri, Community Coordinator

helious: Inri, and Reahya did a great job leading the run. :)

4/9M Sellswords Slays Some Sisters


Inri: great job s team! paving the way!

Zate: Grats on kill good work! But lore wise aren't the sisters just misunderstood are we really the good guys? Anyone ever feel like blizzard has us killing things we shouldn't be killing? Maybe in 3 xpacs they will come back to save us from the end of the world >.>

[T]itan begins Tomb

Titan, Eternal Kingdom’s training and development team, has begun it’s work on Tomb of Sargeras! If you’ve ever wanted to Raid but were afraid to step in, this is your time. Even when we aren’t recruiting, Titan is always willing to talk with folks and see if we can make room and help open up the best parts of the game!


Theirwolf: Awesome, thanks for posting this. I discovered it this evening while snooping around the website. I already miss raiding with you all and I've only been on vacation for a week.

Pet: Nice to see this. Excellent work and dedication by all those involved in the Titan team. Well done, well deserved, keep it up.

Alyssondra: Nice job guys!! Love the vid, Nover :)

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