Umbra Kills M Krosus?

Umbra Killed M Krosus with exactly 0 seconds left before the enrage timer just to make things exciting.

Smexiikitten: yayyy!!!! glad to see Umbra is doing so well as a new team :)

Timmeehh: I believe there is one in the works right now, I'll throw up something tomorow.

Zate: Where is the Kill video I would like to witness this extraordinary feat!

Introducing Team Kismet!

The word kismet is Turkish for fate, fortune, or destiny. We are breaking into new territory with this team. It will be a hybrid team which will have core raiders wanting to progress heroic while bringing in new people each week that want to possibly raid at a higher level.

For more information, click here!

Daraya: Yay! Poke them in the eye! Go Team K!

Flitt: Really excited to have this team starting up! Good luck, Team K!

That Weed Was Whack, Yo! – Onslaught Downs Mythic Botanist

“Thanks for laying me” – Chaos’ words of wisdom 2017

Our gardening can be viewed here (I might’ve forgotten my glasses, woops):

(I promise this was my worst pull in terms of mechanics / healing performance, please don’t lynch me other resto druids)

Smexiikitten: Awesome!!! Great job guys :D

Inri: Hands down one of the coolest kill shots EK's had. Love the effect :)

Steine: we have my lovely water elemental there to water our garden :D

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