Zealot Mythic Gul’dan Kill Video

Today, we are proud to share with you Zealot’s Mythic Gul’dan kill video. We also have a version of the kill on Vimeo that is the Official Cut that is what was intended before youtube censoring (Zealot Official Mythic Gul’dan Kill). I want to thank every single person on my team for the dedication and support they’ve put into this tier and expansion. I am beyond proud of our crew and the things we’ve done together. Hopefully this video captures even a taste of the fun I’ve had – hype as all hell.


Inri: Such a nice video! My fav part was seeing all the players at the end. Wouldn't expect anything less than greatness from Z team :D

Zen: I will say I love the artistry that goes into your videos. This one was exceptionally awesome! I love the end credits!

Zate: This is what awesome looks like =D Great job on the video, grats to the entire team on the kill. You really created something special!

Zealot Downs Mythic Gul’dan – 10/10M

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for playing with fire and making this experience hype.
Z Team Forever

– Mal & Sky

Vondo: Grats Z! you guys rocked it this tier!! :D

hantevirus: really beautiful shot! Congrats to Malvision and all of Team Zealot!

Zate: Great kill loved watching the stream last night good job all!

Imperium Burned Krosus’ World!

We won by mere seconds but whether by an second or a minute… a kill is a kill and he is DEAD!  Excellent work by everyone involved (including Nover)!!

Zen: Next up Spellblade Aluriel then hoping to end Nighthold (for now) with Tichondrius.

Nover: Because I have nothing better to do sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXCoy12E4aQ&t

Zate: Grats on the kill! Good luck on... err.. umm which boss you doing next?!? Guess I will find out tonight :)

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Gul’dan Fel – Sellswords 10/10M

It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride of a tier for Sellswords! Many thanks to the amazing Vondo (MVB-Most Valuable Bear) and his excellent raid leadership! Also shout out to the awesome team officers – Asacrusader, Ortholomus & Beardingtonn – and of course, the raiders who keep coming back and playing their hearts out. Deep gratitude to Zate and the rest of the guild for all the support. – xoxo Hante

hantevirus: Thanks so much! Worldofpunks made this video for us! Clearly a labor of love. I was super humbled by his efforts

Rentonie: That was a really good video. Much props to whoever edited the video.

Zate: Ahh love the video! Make sure you watch to the end everyone. For anyone that doesn't know the end shows the attempt right before the kill. Take a look at Illidan's health bar >.<

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