2020 Boss Slain

2020 has been one hit after another after another, and I know we’ve all felt the pressures of not knowing how we’re going to work, to eat, to live. Being in this community and having friends to help support us through our toughest trials has been a huge relief to many. Thank you for your compassion and understanding to your fellow guildies throughout this whole ordeal, and thank you to our events team for helping distract us from all the crazy happenings we’ve had to deal with this year.

A final thank you to those who’ve encouraged me to finish this creative writing project. I’ve never attempted anything like this before but I hope you all get some comedic enjoyment out of it. And thank you to Werio for helping me with this screenshot. Happy 2021, everyone!


Keeping the Guild a Safe Place to Play

This guild is committed to being a welcoming and supportive place for our players. We provide an inclusive and non-toxic community for people. For that reason, we ask each person to commit to our core values of Professionalism, Collaboration and Progression when they join the guild.

By joining this guild, you agreed to support those values, which means that you committed to not using exclusionary or toxic language. I’ve noticed that some of you are using terms that are exactly that, and I’m asking you to stop. This is not about being PG or PG-13–this is about the ability of our members to spend their game time in a place that feels welcoming, safe, and comfortable. (more…)