In the face of Death...
Tsunami Shadowlands Tier 2 AoTC
After a long and arduous journey together, team Tsunami proves itself to be a proper mythic raiding team accomplishing it’s second AoTC. Having already achieved 3/10M progression, the time felt right to return and complete Heroic difficulty. Only two nights of attempts saw the Banshee Queen dethroned. Teldrassil has been avenged!
New PvP Team: Duelist

Duelist is Eternal Kingdom’s first official PvP team. They started as a weekly RBG guild fun run during Season 1 Shadowlands, and didn’t really expect to do more than goof around and win a few matches here and there. With time, they noticed the same group of people were starting to show and they were actually starting to win! Consistent attendees saw 1800 ratings and the group started to wonder what they could really accomplish as a fully rostered team.

Their goals are to advance to 2100 in Rated Battlegrounds Season 2, and eventually push to 2400. Higher ranked Arenas and earning their seasonal mounts and transmog are also on the agenda for this team. But mostly, they just want to kill Horde.

We’re like a mullet – business in the front, party in the back – Focke, Team Lead

Duelist is looking for strong, driven players with high levels of PVP experience and/or those who want to experience RBG vs arena. Attendance, willingness to communicate, and a positive team attitude is a must, even if you’re asked to sit the bench. Experience/gear are requested to be aligned with the current season. 

If you are interested in learning more about this team or have questions about joining, contact Fockewülf (Discord: Fockewolfe#1078 / Btag: Fockewolfe #1161) or Franklinator (Discord: Frankyv#5326 / Btag: Franklinator #1539). Duelist competes in RBGs on Sunday 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM PST. Additional dates TBD.

Team Highlight: Nemesis

Nemesis is EK’s newest heroic team. Previously known as the guild Fireforged, Nemesis has origins dating back to WotLK.  Before joining EK, the team enjoyed completing AotC throughout BFA and early Shadowlands. Memorably during Ny’alotha, the team earned AotC in week 6.  Following the most recent AotC in Castle Nathria on March 6th, the team joined EK to be part of a larger community of like minded players and to build on past success.

Through a history of collaboration, Nemesis has a depth of players ranging from former mythic raiders, to veterans from the early days of WoW, to emerging talent of tomorrow.  Though they focus on heroic, they like to be competitive (in a fun way) on the meters. 

 “Our environment is friendly, relaxed, and also earnest towards downing content. We expect our raiders to know their role and class, keep up with their gear, keep up with class changes, and to have a good team attitude.” – Baultus, Team Lead


Valiant Retires

Valiant, a weekend mythic team known for its fun atmosphere and amazing personalities, has retired. Between the steady stream of team jokes, cringe worthy puns, and excessive gambling, this team still knew when to get serious and put down bosses. They finished Castle Nathria at 6/10M, proving they could do geometry by killing Lady Inerva Darkvein.


Team Highlight: Tsunami

Tsunami formed a little late into Castle Nathria when other teams were already killing their first few Mythic bosses. They worked hard to recruit and get momentum building, finishing the tier off with Council of Blood for 7/10 Mythic. With Sanctum of Domination underway, they’ve already downed Mythic Terragrue & Eye of the Jailor.

Mythic Eye

Tsunami’s goals are to create and maintain an environment where teammates look forward to logging in and playing with friends. They also plan to push as far into Mythic as possible and earn Cutting Edge Mythic.


Immortal Retires

Immortal, a team with a long history across multiple expansions, has retired at 7/10M after killing The Council of Blood in Castle Nathria. 

“I am extremely proud of the team,” Jazzy (Team Lead) comments. He recalls joining when they were only clearing about half the bosses each tier. But through all the trials and tribulations, he watched the team grow into a capable Cutting Edge team.

He’d like to thank Sael (former Team Lead and Healing Lead), for pushing the team to pursue a goal of cutting edge and seeing the goal through to the Mythic Jaina kill.

And thank Luc (Raid Lead and Co-Tank), for making their goals a reality by leading the team to Cutting Edge Mythic Jaina and Mythic N’Zoth.


Charity Stream-A-Thon

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