[N] Nocturne

Team Lead
– Tairyn

Quick Information

  • Expectation: Cutting Edge each tier
  • Goal: Pushing Top 300 US Teams, despite limited raiding time
  • Tue/Wed/Thu 11:30pm – 2am EST (7.5 hours/week)
  • Contact: Tairyn (CptJello#1513)

Required Addons:

  • BigWigs
  • WeakAuras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • RC Loot Council
  • Angry Assignments
  • Details
  • Greenwall

About Us:

Led by experienced raiders and players, many of which are former Cutting Edge, Nocturne’s goal is to create a team and environment where progression, efficiency, and plain fun interweave seamlessly. Despite raiding less than most Mythic teams, our goal and expectations are clear: push ourselves and our team to be the best we can be, through dedication, preparation, and clean execution. We all have other commitments and schedules that keep us from raiding 9-12 hours a week – but we won’t let that stop us from clearing the hardest content WoW has to offer, and loving every minute of it as we do so. We strive to build a collaborative, honest, inclusive, and open raiding environment, where every member of the team has the opportunity and resources to grow and succeed.

What we expect:

Given that we don’t have the luxury of extensive raiding hours, we need players who are dedicated and prepared to use what time we do have. It’s expected that you will read up on fights, watch videos, and make an effort outside of our raiding hours to maximize the team’s potential whilst inside the instance. We want raiders who are always looking to improve – whether that is pouring over logs, hitting the training dummies, or chatting in your class Discord. We also understand that real life always takes precedence over WoW – it is just a game after all. We understand that you may have to miss a day here and there – but we also want people who WANT to be here, and will do everything they can to make the raid. Most importantly – we want you to have fun, and we want to have fun with you!