**New Run** Inri's Friday Night Nighthold!

Every Friday we will be starting with Elisande/Gul’dan, after we will clear what we can until 8pm. This run is designed to get as many people in Eternal Kingdom their Gul’dan mounts as possible while maintaining fairness for the entire community. If you receive your mount one week, please don’t stop showing up! Help your friends get their mounts like they helped you get yours!


1 Gul’dan kill=1 point. The people with the most points roll /100 after the kill, highest roll wins the mount. All other loot is personal loot. Participation is tracked via spreadsheet, found here. “Top priority list” isn’t listed first to last priority. Everyone listed there is at the same priority. Because everyone who participated this past Friday has 1 point, everyone is listed (except the person who won the mount). This Friday the sheet will list people who showed up last week and this Friday with 2 points, so on and so forth.


It’ll be great to see so many people on fun Legion mounts for our end of expansion party. 🙂 Any questions, please ask!


This is not a rostered run and there are no sign ups. I open invites ~30 minutes prior in guild chat. Please wait for invites to open!

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