My First EK Stream-A-Thon

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Curat mains a Mistweaver Monk and is a recent recruit to Eternal Kingdom’s Mercenary program. He has been playing WoW since launch in 2005, healing all the things from way back when in Molten Core up to Uldir.

Joining a completely new guild is always a scary experience.  I have played WoW since the beta days and I have gone through this just a couple of times.  I joined Eternal Kingdom a few weeks ago, and it was slightly overwhelming with a guild this large.  There are so many new people to meet, so many different groups to get to know and so many new things to learn (holy google docs batman!).  I found myself in awe at how many guild events there are to partake in!  There is always something to keep you interested, whether it is helping one of the 16(!) raid groups, doing some of the fun runs, the surprisingly fun guild gathering runs, or, as I recently learned, the guild charity events like the recent Stream-A-Thon.

When I learned of Eternal Kingdom’s Stream-A-Thon, benefitting such an amazing charity like Child’s Play that brings video games and toys to hospitalized children, I thought it would be a great way to help a good cause and get to know some of my new guildmates in the process.  I was lucky enough to be invited to a group called the Baleful Badgers. We grabbed our first key carry and off we went!  Our team started with a few low keys, got our groove, and soon we graduated to some fun higher keys.  We did some deeps, tanked all the things, I healed here and there, I think I even saw some interrupts in that +10 Shrine! The whole time, each of the teams were cheering each other on, people popping into each group’s discord to chat and share their experiences thus far.  It was a great feeling to be a part of this effort.  As the day went on, and the completed key list got longer and longer, the donations continued to pour in.  Eternal Kingdom quickly surpassed the first fundraising goal, and then even the second one, eventually raising about $2200 for Child’s Play!

With well over 100 different keys run by the guild, we all met a lot of great people and, personally, it gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of my new guildmates.  I was very surprised how many people on so many different realms participated, due in no small part to the great outreach and coordination by the Eternal Kingdom leadership whose dedication and amazing organization made this whole event possible!  Many of the people whose keys we ran were excited to learn more and donate to such a great cause.  Some even had their own touching personal stories about childhood illness and a few noted how Child’s Play had personally helped them get through some very trying times. 

All in all, as a new guild member it was a very fun day that helped me feel included and welcome in my new home in the Eternal Kingdom community.  I am very grateful to everyone that donated to Child’s Play and took part in this fun event, which raised money for a good cause and helped to make this holiday better for children in need.  I sincerely hope everyone and their families have had a wonderful holiday season and as always, wish everyone good loots and stable connect!  😊

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