[L] Leviathan

Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Mythic Progression – 10.5 hours/week
  • Wed/Fri/Mon 10:30pm – 2:00am EST
  • Goal: Cutting Edge
  • Team Lead: Boothebear (Yosara#1798)

Required Addons:

  • DBM/BigWigs
  • WeakAuras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Greenwall


Each raider should come to raid fully enchanted, gemmed and equipped with all consumables needed for that raids night. Upon entering a raid everyone should have an understanding of boss mechanics and our raid strategy which will be provided. We require a 90% attendance rating. If you will need to miss a raid for any reason please provide leadership with as much notice as possible.

You’re expected to maintain a professional level of conduct. Excessive language will not be tolerated, and you’re expected to be respectful of other people’s opinions even if they are different from yours. Everyone knows raiding can be highly emotional at times. Friendly conversation is encouraged, you’re on a team after all, but focus during crunch times is crucial to success.

A Word From Leadership:

Leviathan’s leadership is committed to achieving Cutting Edge each tier while improving on each tiers performance. We are committed to cultivating and nurturing talent. I have an open door policy and will assist in any way possible.