Immortal Retires

Immortal, a team with a long history across multiple expansions, has retired at 7/10M after killing The Council of Blood in Castle Nathria. 

“I am extremely proud of the team,” Jazzy (Team Lead) comments. He recalls joining when they were only clearing about half the bosses each tier. But through all the trials and tribulations, he watched the team grow into a capable Cutting Edge team.

He’d like to thank Sael (former Team Lead and Healing Lead), for pushing the team to pursue a goal of cutting edge and seeing the goal through to the Mythic Jaina kill.

And thank Luc (Raid Lead and Co-Tank), for making their goals a reality by leading the team to Cutting Edge Mythic Jaina and Mythic N’Zoth.

He would also like to thank: Eternal Kingdom for their support of the team, Jeeves – the 21st Raider, and all the members that contributed to the team’s success. Though Immortal is no more, the friendships and memories will live on. 

Keep stacking those Stackable Stags on the stack of other Stackable Stags so we can have the largest stack of Stackable Stags in the history of Stackable Stags stacks.  And, don’t forget your Flaskssssss!

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  1. I loved leading that team and it’s sad to see that it ended. By the time I set foot in the game again, I didn’t recognize a soul left on the team.

    For my 2 cents as the leader in Legion, Immortal or rather Imperium as it was known as then, wasn’t my dream team to be part of but it was the team that accepted me and I grew into. I was beyond grateful for the leadership of Eternal Kingdom to accept me as the TL for the time I did and I was happy I helped lead the team from a floundering dying team that was trying to be rebuilt to something that was on its way to greatness. I’m happy it lasted for as long as it did. Good luck to everyone on my team and the crew that came after me, wherever they went off to. I hope everyone has found their happiness.

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