[I] Immortal

  • Team Lead: Allthatjazz (BTag: Jazzy#1524)
  • Ambassador: Khase (BTag: Nightshade#1275)
  • Mythic progression – 9 Hours/Week
  • Tue/Wed/Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm PST (Changing to Wed/Thu/Mon with Shadowlands Pre-patch)
  • Goal: Mythic Cutting Edge
  • Loot: Loot Council
  • Apply Here

Required Addons:

  • DBM/BigWigs
  • WeakAuras
  • Exorsus Raid tools
  • Greenwall

Immortal’s Community:

We are a collaborative group of players committed to challenging ourselves and supporting each other in the interest of the team’s long-term performance. As a member of the team you can expect a positive, resilient atmosphere, precise feedback, fight preparation, insight, and resources into how to improve the many facets of your game, and a team to support you while we enjoy the process of individual and team progression.

All team members are expected to hold the guild pillars of Professionalism, Progression, and Collaboration in high regard and to exemplify them in the community at large. In addition, we expect each member to contribute to the welfare of the team in ways that extend beyond simply showing up and performing adequately. Whether it be in camaraderie and friendship, warcraftlogs expertise, weakaura creation, putting knowledge of spec/class to good use, practicing and streamlining performance, streaming, farming mats, and so many other methods, the responsibility of team growth is necessarily shared and our raiders will strive to accomplish excellence themselves while empowering the process in others.

Our goal in Shadowlands is to improve as a cutting-edge team.