Heroic Teams

[I] Imperium

Team Lead
– Xennyatta

Quick Information

  • Semi hardcore progression 6 hours/week
  • Wed/Fri 6:30pm-9:30pm PST
  • Goal: Mythic kills
  • Loot: Council

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • DBM/BigWigs
  • RC Loot Council
  • Exorsus Raid tools
  • Greenwall
  • Weak Auras

What We Expect Of You:

No less than 80% attendance. The more you’re here, the better we progress as a team. If you are unable to attend a raid, it is expected the raider will post in the team forum, discord or in a private message their absence or being late. You MUST be fully enchanted and gemmed and come prepared with max food, flasks, pots and runes. You have to have an understanding of upcoming boss mechanics and your role in those fights. It is understood that some people learn better by seeing and doing but at least have an idea of what’s to come before you walk in the portal door. Your overall goal should be to have high execution rate, low avoidable damage taken, high damage/hps output (first and foremost without padding) and a willingness to perform what’s asked of you even if it’s not ideal at the time. Applicants will expected to keep up with the team but when reviewing logs, we’ll be looking at all aspects of your performance, not just one number or one day. Nerves and fear can be overwhelming and can control what choices you make. I hope to seek people with ‘let’s get em’ motivation even if the experience isn’t there.

Xennyatta’s Message:

This is a team that has current plans of getting as far as we can without making strict rules or plans at this time. So applicants that have zero mythic experience is perfectly ok, we have to start somewhere. We are a vocal team and we like to joke around so expect a chatty atmosphere while we’re on farm mode but quiet time when it’s go time. I want this to be a team that considers one another as a friend and one they can count on.

As for myself, I strive very much to be a leader who isn’t, “Do as I say not as I do”. I should hold myself accountable just as I hold you all. If I can’t or won’t do something, I can’t expect you to do it as well. I want to have an open door policy and I want you to feel like you can talk to me about anything without fear, judgment or discomfort. I can’t guarantee I’ll be perfect or I’ll make perfect choices as I’m human with a life, with a family, with hobbies a job and I come with flaws. I can be blunt and maybe a little too honest. But I will try to make the best choices I can and I will try my best to be fair with you.

If all this resonates with you, you’d be a great fit for team Imperium and I’d love to see you apply.

Featured Streamer : AceLegacy

Harbinger team

[H] Harbinger

Harbinger Team Lead Timmeehh
Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Casual Normal/Heroic Progression- 3hrs/week
  • Tuesday 6pm-9pm PST
  • Goal: Normal/Heroic Progression
  • Loot: Raid Roll

Required Addons:

  • Greenwall
  • BigWigs/DBM

Expectations: 75% attendance or better. As long as leadership knows the situation, we are willing to work with you should attendance be a problem, but raiders who consistently show up will be given a raid spot over those who do not show up consistently. We ask for a willingness to work outside of raid in order to make use of short raid time and that you are fully enchanted, gemmed and stocked with al necessary consumables. You will also need a basic understanding of new boss mechanics, moderate avoidable damage taken, decent mechanic execution, and the ability learn from your mistakes. Lastly, we are ask that you are able to take constructive criticism and have a good attitude and a team first mind set.

This team is laid back and casual while still maintaining moderate progression, and is a good environment for those looking to get back into raiding, looking to try raiding for first time, or looking for something with a less hard-core environment.

We are always open to raider’s opinion but it needs to be done in the forums; after raid or in a whisper to leadership if during a raid. Team leadership will come with a strategy and goals for the night. We will always place the goals and needs of the team first.

A Word From Leadership

This team was founded with the more time-pressed raider in mind, and as such our focus is not hardcore progression, but rather to make as much of the short raid time as possible. I don’t expect you to be a top tier progression raider, but I do expect you to learn from your mistakes and be able to take constructive criticism, research your class, and watch videos on the bosses.

On this team we have a zero tolerance for drama. In all aspects, our team seeks to treat all raiders as fairly as possible. If you ever encounter a case where you think this is not happening then you need to inform leadership ASAP.

If you are honest with me and give your best efforts to benefit the team and the guild, you will likely enjoy yourself here in the Eternal Kingdom Community and the Harbinger Team.

We look forward to meeting all of you and slaying some dragons (or whatever the current boss is) together.

Titan team

[T] Titan

Titan Team Lead Zos
Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Development – 6hrs/week
  • Sunday/Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm PST
  • Goal: Heroic Clears
  • Loot: Personal

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • Greenwall

Attendance: 75% or better attendance. The more regularly you attend, the better you will become.

Expectations: Fully enchanted, gemmed, with all consumables. All members are expected to have basic knowledge of all mechanics of all fights. Emphasis should always be put on a player’s ability to avoid raid mechanics over doing more damage.

Purpose: This team is for those who want to learn about and experience what it takes to be a progression raider. Titan does not expect you to come in with all those skills and understanding in place already. We are here to teach you. Titan will be like a personal trainer in a gym. We will teach, coach, mentor, explain, develop, critique, and motivate you but at the end of the day you will only improve if you want to implement what we show you and if you put in the effort.

A Word From Leadership

Titan serves as an entry point into the raiding experience in EK. We are a team tasked to teach and develop players new to the game and/or those interested in first time raiding.

I love raiding. From my first time sitting on the bench waiting for my first invite to Karazahn through killing top end content, I simply love raiding and all that goes into it. I want others to have the opportunity to discover and embrace this part of the game.

Through Titan, Eternal Kingdom will open a door in the barrier to raiding and provide an option for those players interested in learning about what it takes to be a Raider, not simply be in a raid.

Welcome to Titan. Let’s go kill internet dragons together.