Gul'dan Fel - Sellswords 10/10M

It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride of a tier for Sellswords! Many thanks to the amazing Vondo (MVB-Most Valuable Bear) and his excellent raid leadership! Also shout out to the awesome team officers – Asacrusader, Ortholomus & Beardingtonn – and of course, the raiders who keep coming back and playing their hearts out. Deep gratitude to Zate and the rest of the guild for all the support. – xoxo Hante

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  1. Grats on Alastor on the mount. Well-deserved. Thanks for stepping up to tank when we needed one throughout the tier!! Showboat it in Dalaran!

  2. Amazing job S team! You make us all proud thanks for an edge of my seat ride last night a job very well done! Hante and Vondo outstanding job continuing to push this team to greater heights every tier. Enjoy this moment awhile it is very deserved 🙂

  3. Congrats S team. A well deserved kill! Good job on all your hardwork. You make us all proud. Wish I could have been on when he went down.

  4. Congrats S-team! Haven’t caught you guys online to congrats you personally but well done this tier through the ups and downs you guys did a great job! 😀

  5. Ahh love the video! Make sure you watch to the end everyone. For anyone that doesn’t know the end shows the attempt right before the kill. Take a look at Illidan’s health bar >.<

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