Guild Notes

Guild Notes – What do they mean?

Last updated 4/26/18


Throughout the branches of Eternal Kingdom guild notes are uniform, but they have been a bit redundant for quite some time now. As of April 2018 the guild notes for all Eternal Kingdom branches will be changing and adhering to a new, simpler structure that we hope will be easier to understand for everyone and make finding a specific player a faster process. This is the explanation of the new structure for guild notes within the Eternal Kingdom community.


Eternal Kingdom (Raiding) Branch

Team note/letter will be listed in a player’s guild note first. e.g. [O]

If a player is an alt, [A] will be listed after their team letter in their guild note. e.g. [O][A]

If a player has a leadership role that requires an additional tag it will be listed after the aforementioned. e.g. [S][A][KC], [O][A][CC]

Mercenaries will have their playable spec/progression listed in their officer note and their guild note left blank*.

     *Blank player notes can still be filled with something fun at the player’s discretion.


Endless Kingdom (Social) Branch

Due to there not being raid teams in EnK, a social player’s note will be left blank*.

     *Blank player notes can still be filled with something fun at the player’s discretion.

Alts that are in EnK for a valid reason (such as a team lead having an alt in EnK to move retired raiders to social status) will list [A] in their guild note.


Eternal Kingdom (Horde) Branch

The Horde branch of EK has ranks for each leadership role, Grand Army (raider), Grand Alt (alt), Squire (trial), and Noble Citizen (social) and does not need to use [A] due to this flexibility.

If a player is an alt of someone in EK/EnK their officer note should state who their main Alliance toon is.


Alternal Kingdom (Alt) Branches

Due to the nature of Alternal Kingdom, all players in AK1, AK2, or AK3 are alts so an [A] would be redundant and will not be included.

Guild notes will only note who the player’s main character in EK/EnK is. e.g. Gloominati’s note would say “Inri,” not the previous “[A] Inri”


Leadership Tags

[KC] – This player is a member of the King’s Court (Zate’s non-Chancellor advisers)

[CC] – This player is a Community Coordinator under Inri

[SM] – This player is a member of the Social Media Team under Leayha

[SP] – This player is a member of the Sponsorship Team under Alisondra