Guild Notes

Guild Notes – What do they mean?

Last updated 10/07/20

In Eternal Kingdom we use a unified tagging system throughout all of our guild branches. The purpose of this system is to make things easy to understand and to streamline the process for finding a specific player.

Team Tags—

[A] – Acheron
[B] – Benediction
[C] – Chivalry
[D] – Dauntless
[E] – Empire
[F] – Fate
[G] – Gallant
[H] – Harbinger
[I] – Immortal
[K] – Kismet
[L] – Legacy
[O] – Olympus
[P] – Prometheus
[R] – Reckoning
[S] – Sellswords
[T] – Titan
[V] – Valiant
[Y] – Gravity

General Tags—

[EKA] – Main is housed in EKA
[ENKA] – Main is housed in ENKA
[EKH] – Main is housed in EKH
[ENKH] – Main is housed in ENKH
[CE] – Community Events Team
[SM] – Social Media Team
[SP] – Sponsorship Team
[Merc] – Mercenary Trial


Varian’s main is in Eternal Kingdom (Alliance). He’s an officer and also on Sellswords.
In EKA his guild note would be: “[S]”
In EKH, ENKA and ENKH his guild note would be: “[EKA] [S] Varian”
Sylvanas’ main is in Endless Kingdom (Horde). She’s not an officer and she’s a social member.
In ENKH her guild note would be: “(blank)”
In AK1-3 A or H her guild note would be: “[ENKH] Sylvanas”


Mercenaries have their class/spec listed in their guild note and their progression listed in their officer note.
Mercenary trials have the requirements they are working on in their officer note.