WoW addon, "Guild Recruitment Helper"

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WoW addon, "Guild Recruitment Helper"

Post by Kariasa » June 30th, 2017, 11:45 pm

So there's a nifty addon for WoW that'll help you guys recruit, it's called "Guild Recruitment Helper" you can get that through the twitch client if you use that to manage your WoW addons. You can enable and disable the addon in game without relaunching your UI/relogging. Additionally, you can create custom recruitment messages (especially useful if you're looking for niche positions on a team to be filled). You can set the announcement interval (in minutes) and spam protection (number of lines that needs to be posted in trade/general chat before your message will go through).



Inarguably the most important feature is the "synchronization key" - where you can set a password for your specific team. This would mean that you will inherit the guild recruitment message from the highest ranking member on your team that is also using this addon. It will also prevent multiple people from the same team spamming the channel over and over, and instead just let one person with that key to send the recruitment message.


Finally, if you just want to set it while you AFK and do household chores, you can set a custom "Do Not Disturb (DND)" message, letting those individuals know that you're away but you will get back to them shortly.


Overall me personally, I believe the most useful aspect of the addon is allowing it to run while you raid so you can recruit without it impacting raid performance.
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Re: WoW addon, "Guild Recruitment Helper"

Post by Micce » July 5th, 2017, 6:44 am

Thanks for this, Kariasa. I'm now using it for Ascension. Pretty easy to set up.
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WoW addon "Guild Recruitment Helper"

Post by Michaelhoxia » September 3rd, 2018, 1:04 am

I am trying to make an addon that does a simple checking for achievement in guild and then spits out a chat message.

So far this is what I have come up with:


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