Shrederick - Warrior - Multiple

Apply to the guild as a social member.
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Shrederick - Warrior - Multiple

Post by Shrederick » April 18th, 2020, 2:52 am

Team App:
Name of character:
Current Server:

Discord Tag (including the number, i.e.: Pizza#1234):
Main Spec:
Off Spec:
Have you read, and do you agree to abide by the guild’s code of conduct as stated here?
How did you learn about Eternal Kingdom?
I am on proudmoore server and am intrigued by your guild and its many well-rounded members.
Are you currently or have you ever been a trial or member of any Eternal Kingdom raiding team? If so, when and who?
What teams are you interested in within the Eternal Kingdom Community?
Any or all whatever works best for folks.
Please list your raiding history/progression by tier. Note any leadership positions you've held.
Multiple aotc/cutting edge achieves I can link upon request preferably in-game for convenience' sake.
Do you have a viable raid-ready offspec? Please tell us your experience with it and its current item level.
Yes I am capable of tanking though I prefer dps over all.
Do you have any viable raid-ready alts? If so, please list and give armory link (include alt codes for name).
I have over 24 lvl 120s over two accounts all between 465-475 ilvl and I do not want to link them all I apologize folks.
What do you feel is your biggest weakness as a raider? What steps are you taking now to address it?
My biggest weakness would be my unpredictable work sched it might require me to miss a raid once a month or less depending if emergencies happen.
What do you feel is your biggest strength as a raider? Why do you value this strength?
Consistent upkeep of theory and skills as we progress into new patches with new features and aspects of classes.
Is there anything else you want us to know? Now is your chance to personalize your app, tell us something unique about yourself, or make us laugh.
Just want to have a new family to call home as I recently left a guild that was slowly dying away.

Armory Link

Warcraft Logs
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Re: Shrederick - Warrior - Multiple

Post by LiiLii » April 18th, 2020, 8:55 am

Thank you for your interest in the Eternal Kingdom Community! We have received your application and are looking it over. Someone will be reaching out to you shortly. In the meantime, we encourage you to attend any of our open runs to give you an opportunity to check out our community of gamers. More information about these runs can be found here.
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