Friday February 1 All Guild Meeting 10PM PST

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Friday February 1 All Guild Meeting 10PM PST

Post by Snowmantle » January 30th, 2019, 3:59 pm

Meeting Agenda:

I. Introduction

Shout Outs
Promotions and introductions of any new leadership

II. Reports

State of the Kingdom:
EKH (Khaeli)
EKA (Snow)

Community Management (Leayha)
Recruitment (Mango)
Banking (Pixaluna)

III. Additional Items
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Re: Friday February 1 All Guild Meeting 10PM PST

Post by Feyranna » February 2nd, 2019, 4:16 pm

I'm sure someone else does a better meeting notes but here's what I took down, I know quite a few people missed so maybe they'd like a blow-by-blow.


Raid teams for really super awesome 2 weeks
Jazzy for holding it down while Sael was in hawii
To new people/returning people taking over events (snow)
Bicc for taking friday night run and herbing run
Everyone who is helping out with events


Bicc templar 6p FFR
Marrenn templar LMM
?? trialing for AB raiding recruitment
Nielic templar sponsorship -
Luchan & Asino(?) dps and healing lead
Nielic & Chunro Omen officers
?? making flyers (banking) and paramourn banking trialing

Khaeli for EK horde not there
I (fey) spoke to OMEN

Bel (social)
Has been relatively quiet however exciting news that we are having an endless meeting next weekend on the 10th at 7pm pacific. Opportunity for all endless members to come in and have voices heard and talk their experiences in guild and try to make that more integrated with guild as a whole. Sunday 10 7pst.

Snow For EK alliance

we have teams working on both heroic and mythic, nobody has gotten aotc as a team but im pretty sure we'll see that next week. other than that the teams are doing their thing working hard. I've seen several teams going over and beyond their normal raid hourse to push content and thats pretty mcuh where we are at teams are doing their thing focusing on new content if anyone is ever curious btw you can look at guild on warcraftlogs and can also watch streams thats always fun.

Leahya CC

LMM is back (? ally) islands on mondays for alliance, thursdays (werio?) for horde, march pet madness march 2nd run by ali, discussion of prizes and how they work,
help wanted, look at what leahyas looking for chalee is extended presence

discord is getting cleaned up

website tell sery about problems

mango told snow what to say
jan 176 total apps not including current apps 77 ally 49 horde current 29 open apps 9 merc apps 2 horde merc apps sponsorship 21 apps 4 currently open

pixa for banking
3 alliance fri 8pst sat noon pst sun 630pst
2 horde fri 630 sat 9 EST
guild raffles -
aotc horde and m+ ally help wanted

anathema and trinium won sky golems
naishala and sertsy won pets
keterious and bulchee won pets

Encourage people to come to farming runs.
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