Tue/Sat Trials (Militia - Mythic Raid)

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Tue/Sat Trials (Militia - Mythic Raid)

Post by Zate » June 7th, 2016, 9:34 pm

Always Ready, Always There!

MILITIA: A support/farm/recruitment/gearing team to help strengthen other mythic teams in the guild. If your goal is to get onto one of our many other mythic teams and you have completed normal/heroic content this is the raid for you.

RAID TIMES: Tue/Sat from 9pm-12am. Days and times may change depending on need.

FOCUS: The focus of this team will be on MYTHIC CONTENT at the start of the tier there may be some heroic content but the focus will be on as much mythic progression as possible. We will be bringing a mixture of alts/apps/guests. The focus will be to clear as much content as possible which may mean undergeared/lower performing apps/alts may be asked to step out.

LOOT: We plan to leave it on personal loot the majority of the time. If there are certain BIS items we may ML occasionally.

REQUIREMENTS: There are no attendance requirements. However we are currently looking for ilvl 840+.

CONTACTS: Zate (zate#1319).

For more info see our trial team page
We also have a few team updates that can be seen here.
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