READ FIRST Before Applying

Apply to the guild as a social member.
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READ FIRST Before Applying

Post by Alisondra » July 15th, 2017, 4:51 pm

READ FIRST before applying

1) Read, understand, and commit to keeping our community guidelines and expectations. Before you apply, you must read and agree to abide by the linked code of conduct. Please understand we maintain a professional community. If you violate the code of conduct, you will be muted or removed.

2) This application is only for those who are not interested in progression raiding (current tier). If you want to raid with any of our raid teams you will need to fill out the appropriate application.

3) Citizen rank members require sponsorship to join the guild. You must be sponsored by an eligible member of Eternal Kingdom or Endless Kingdom who has been in the guild for longer than 2 months and has a main toon on the same realm/faction you are applying to. In addition to contacting us yourself, your sponsor must contact us to confirm their commitment to helping you join the guild.

4) Our community is made up of several guilds established on Proudmoore (Alliance) and Area 52 (Horde). The structure of the community is the same on both factions. Eternal Kingdom houses the characters that make up our progression raiding teams. Endless Kingdom houses family, friends, and retired raiders. The remaining Alternal Kingdom guild(s) house alts. As a citizen rank applicant, we will ask you to join Endless Kingdom.

5) We use the Greenwall addon to bridge chat between the four guilds so that your experience with Eternal Kingdom is the same in any guild. You will be required to install Greenwall before you receive an invite to the guild.

6) We use Discord for voice chat. You may be asked to join us in voice for an interview before your application is accepted.
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