Serious Team League Inquiry

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Serious Team League Inquiry

Post by Gilliane » September 21st, 2016, 1:52 am

Hey all, so before Legion dropped i was playing HotS hardcore and semi-competitively. My friends and i were a part of Chair League but we werent able to re up this season because we lost one of our players, and the rest of the team kinda fell apart. I'd love to play with people who take HotS as seriously as i do.

In the preseason i hit Rank 1, season 1 ended at Diamond 3 for HL and Diamond 5 in Team League. I main supports, and can play the occasional range carry.

I'd love to get a guild team going if theres some interest in it. Hope to get some feedback on this post!
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Re: Serious Team League Inquiry

Post by Scarbrothers » September 21st, 2016, 1:37 pm

I enjoy playing hots but I do not play it as much as I used to because my friends don't like playing it as opposed to league, and I don't like it that much when playing solo.
I didn't play ranked much in preseason and only have done placements in the current season.

If you want to play and make a team for the guild I would definitely be interested. I am not really up to date with the current meta, bans and builds very well so I would need to do some researching, but I can play any role.
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