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EK HotS team

Post by Gilliane » March 8th, 2017, 10:51 pm

Posted about this a while back and trying again to see if there is any new interest.

This post is an attempt to raise some interest in putting together a solid roster of players (similar to that of any raiding team in EK) including a few bench players to try and sign up for some casual hots leagues like Chair league and potentially work our way up to open HGC play and try to compete against the top teams in NA.

A little about me, i currently have over 2000 games played as support alone, ive been playing the game since alpha and a side from season 2 i have ended in diamond ranks in both HL and TL for season 1 and 3.

my hopes for this team is to expand our community outside of just wow and to build an actual name for ourselves as an Eternal Kingdom team.

My battletag is brolando#1259 feel free to add me or PM me on the forums or discord (preferably discord because i see that everyday) my discord tag is Brolando#6130 on the ek discord my username is Gilliane/Zatch

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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